Melania Trump's Christmas Ornament NFTs Tease Out Early Bah Humbugs And Festive Supporters

Fact: Whatever Melania Trump does, some people will tear her apart while others will celebrate it. The latest iteration of this phenomenon comes courtesy of the former first lady's recent announcement on Twitter that her NFT game is expanding to offer Christmas ornaments for charity.

Per Fox News, the proceeds from the sales of the brass ornaments, designed by Trump herself and which come with corresponding non fungible tokens, will help fund scholarships for kids in foster care. The collection of six ornaments include "The Christmas Star," as well as other traditional holiday symbols.

In a statement, Trump noted, "My creative inspiration for the upcoming holiday season is hope, and naturally, the star embodies this spirit. My hope is for families across the world to use the Christmas Star ornament to inspire their loved ones with positive purpose, aspirations and values as we enter the new year."

Despite her merry words, some bah humbugs came out early in the season to express their not-so-bright thoughts about Trump's new project.

Some critics don't even know what they're criticizing

In the comments section of Melania Trump's Twitter post about her holiday ornaments and NFTs, some folks thanked her for her efforts. But others were on hand to criticize the former first lady, with one person's comment echoing the sentiments of many: "How much of the profit goes for scholarships... a penny per ornament? If you really cared and weren't out just to make money it would be a non profit."

Someone else said the ornaments looked like they were from a dollar store. And another person not feeling the spirit of the season joked, "I don't care, do you !!!"

Still other people blasted Trump without even reading the details of the offer. "I guess you imagine it hanging on a tree with your mind," one such Twitter user commented.

Merrily, some fans who were feeling less like Scrooge and more like a little elf also popped into the comments to even things out. "Beautiful just awesome! We miss you!" one individual tweeted.

Incidentally, Trump posted about her holiday NFTs on Truth Social, her husband's app that recently made headlines because the former POTUS' family members don't seem to use it as much as you'd expect.