The Real Meaning Behind The September Sapphire Birthstone

Birthstone jewelry has to be one of the most widely-appreciated gifts you can give to someone and are even a hit with the royal family. That's because birthstones are both beautiful and personalized. Luxury jewelry store Borsheims calls bright gemstones like these trendy because of their fun bursts of color and the way they can personalize a look. 

Besides being fashionable, birthstones are also deeply meaningful. In fact, birthstones have been held in high regard for a very long time. Joy! Digital points out that these gemstones were mentioned as having a special meaning in the Book of Exodus in the Christian bible. The story details how Hebrew high priest Aaron built a breastplate adorned with gemstones, each of which had a particular meaning and power.

Those ancient meanings have remained in place to this day. And although we're not biased, no birthstone seems to hold as much significance and mystery as the deep blue sapphire, the birthstone for September.

The sapphire birthstone represents beauty and purity

Much like the ocean that shares its color, the sapphire birthstone is seen as a symbol of beauty and serenity. The deep, rich color of the sapphire mesmerizes us human beings, and history shows it. Per the Gemological Institute of America, Ancient Persians were so smitten with this blue gemstone that they believed the entire world was resting atop an enormous sapphire. Its shine was thought to be so brilliant that it was enough to give color to the entire sky.

The sapphire's symbolic status was set in stone even before the Persian Empire's rise to power. From Buddhism to Judaism to Christianity, religions worldwide have long attributed the sapphire as a gem meant for deities, one of the purest associations to make (via The sapphire is even listed as one of the jewels present in the magical necklace of Vishnu, one of the principal deities of Hinduism (via Britannica). Just another reason for September babies to feel like royalty!

Sapphires are thought to ward off evil

If you feel like you've got someone conspiring against you or someone you love, wearing a piece of sapphire jewelry might help you feel more at peace.

According to Almanac, the September birthstone is believed to protect its wearer from evil forces and even poisoning. Ancient people even thought you could kill a venomous snake by dropping it into a container made of sapphire and leaving it there. It's no wonder that this precious stone was a favorite among royals and the elite of the past. Unpopular nobles were probably in constant fear that someone was plotting against them and might even attempt to poison them.

Outside factors aren't the only things sapphires are meant to protect you from. Some people believe that sapphires can help cope with anxiety and even purify their wearer's blood from illnesses (via Gaia). Those born in September should feel lucky to have such a powerful and beautiful jewel as their birthstone.