The Surprising Skill Prince George Is Learning For School

Mini royal Prince George courted controversy earlier this week when it emerged he had reportedly given a bold warning to his classmates. According to Page Six, in her upcoming book, "The New Royals," Katie Nicholl reveals George allegedly warned fellow schoolchildren, who were apparently picking on him, "My dad will be king so you better watch out." William and Catherine Middleton, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are already actively preparing their kids — especially George, who's the eldest — for their future roles in the monarchy.

At the same time, the dedicated parents are also "keen not to weigh them down with a sense of duty" too early in their lives. British historian Robert Lacey suspects the conversations began around George's seventh birthday, though, because Prince William is adamant about ensuring the royal family changes with the times. George, as his eldest child, will be instrumental in making that happen.

Alongside younger siblings Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis, George just started the fall semester at a new school in Windsor, where his family recently relocated. Hello! magazine confirmed the trio's first day went well, with the kids eager to get started. As well as getting used to a brand new environment, and adjusting to being there together, George is also tackling a new life skill.

Catherine Middleton is helping her eldest to tie his own tie

Most kids probably won't learn the lost art of tying a tie, but Prince George is a royal-in-training who'll need the skill later in life, for instance when greeting dignitaries. The Sun notes Catherine Middleton, the Princess of Wales, shared during a recent visit to Wales that her eldest child is currently trying to grasp the old-school skill after landing at the swish Lambrook School, where it's a uniform requirement.

She's had to step in to assist him with it, naturally. After congratulating a young boy for doing such a good job with his own tie, Kate revealed, "I've been teaching George because he has got to wear a tie now for school, so I'm having to teach him how to do it." The poor prince was caught on camera complaining about his formal attire during Wimbledon earlier this year, as The Independent reported at the time. 

George, who was clad in a full suit and tie for the event, was spotted grumbling to his father about being "too hot" — to be fair, the U.K. was experiencing an unprecedented heatwave. The Princess of Wales reassured her eldest that they would try to avoid sitting in direct sunlight while watching the tennis match from the royal box, where men are expected to "dress smart." Sadly for George, it seems the same rules apply at his new school.