Why 'Kardashiankore' May Never Be A Trend

Everything Kim Kardashian does is widely admired and copied. Take her SKIMS line of body-shaping undergarments. The brand has grown to a valuation over $3 billion, while sales in 2021 generated a jaw-dropping $275 million (via Yahoo!). The star's new reality series "The Kardashians" scored Hulu its biggest premiere viewership ever (via Variety). However, when it comes to Kardashian's newest venture, well, fans just aren't feeling it.

As companion products to her skincare line, aptly named SKKN, the mom of four has released a set of bathroom accessories (via AD). The offering includes a vanity tray, round container, canister, tissue box and a waste basket that are all made of, wait for it, concrete. About the designs, Kardashian said, "I love concrete and gray tones, it feels really zen to me." She added her products are based on the minimalistic look of her own home, which as fans know from watching "The Kardashians," is right on target.

While the products won't be available until October 6 according to E! News, fans are already bashing the high prices and unappealing look of the line.

Fans are mad at the price and design of Kim Kardashian's bathroom accessories

A look at the SKKN line's prices will likely provide a bit of sticker shock for most people. Fans can score a 5-piece bundle of all of the bathroom accessories for $355 — mind you, that's because they are on sale. Meanwhile, the garbage can is $129 and the least expensive product, the vanity tray, is $65.

"It would've been better if you concentrated on making it affordable for the average person," commented one fan when Kim Kardashian pushed the products on her Twitter account, while someone else responded, "girl... $129 for a trashcan... im sick."

Meanwhile, over on Reddit, people were also ripping the new line, noting that the star has enough money already, among other critiques, with one person intoning, "Yet another cash grab for her. Not interested in anything from this family ever. Yawn."

Another thread contained more condemnation of the line of accessories, with people calling the texture of the concrete products gag-worthy as well as "boring," while one LOL-worthy comment read, "It's like the home decor equivalent of seasonal depression." Another hilarious point was how tragic it would be to drop one of the overpriced pieces.