Halloween Nail Trends That You'll Want To Try In 2022

Fall is moving forward full speed ahead, pumpkin-spice-everything is back, and the spooky season is slowly creeping in. Halloween is the one time of year when being extra is highly encouraged, which makes dressing up even more fun.

Coming up with clever Halloween costume hacks is only part of the experience. If parties aren't on your agenda because you're either on chaperone duty or trick or treating with your child, there are multiple baby Halloween costumes that are beyond adorable.

But Halloween isn't just a fright fest or a time for candy. For fashion and beauty lovers, the holiday is the perfect excuse to experiment with makeup and nail trends. Meghan Thee Stallion always understands the assignment. In 2021, the Grammy-nominated rapper took to Twitter to show off her "Scream" (and "Scary Movie") inspired manicure. For her grim nails, she complimented her hot pink nail polish with her signature bling. Fans rightfully fawned over her Halloween manicure and praised her nail artist, before posting their own shots of their spooky nails. 

Feeling inspired? Here are Halloween nail trends that are absolutely worth checking out. 

Horror film aficionados will be thoroughly haunted by the blood drip nail trend

This Halloween, pay tribute to iconic horror and thriller movies with a nail set that draws inspiration from both genre's common visual effects. Glamour UK dubbed blood drip nails the "cool-girl mani." TikTok nail artist Maddox posted a tutorial for the low-key gore nail trend, and broke it down into three simple steps. After painting her nails in a matte gray shade, she painted four red, thin lines and made sure she alternated the length.

In the video, the nail guru made sure the lines were evenly spaced, before carefully connecting them in an arch-like motion. Once connected, Maddox went over the lines until they appeared thicker, and then painted small circles at the end of each line until they resembled teardrops. This will give your manicure a 3D look and feel straight from your favorite horror film.

Color-block nails are the perfect solution for when you're running late

Rocking some form of orange or black in your Halloween look is practically a rite of passage. If you're pressed for time but still want to look like a nail expert, two-tone nails will never go out of style. InStyle deemed colorblock nails a "lazy person's dream" because of how easy they are to pull off and how fantastic they look. 

Pretend you spent time in the nail salon by pairing your favorite nail polish shades, and using tape to keep a clean line between them. Who What Wear recommended leveling up this nail trend by using nail polishes that come in different finishes.

Disney lovers can't go wrong with a Nightmare Before Christmas manicure

This Halloween, get ready to live out your best life as Jack and Sally. As part of their nails inspired by classic Halloween movies series, vegan nail polish brand Lights Lacquer posted a TikTok beauty tutorial/homage to Disney's "The Nightmare Before Christmas." For this manicure, the nail company dedicated each nail to a specific character from the iconic film to keep up with their theme. 

These nails will have the pumpkin king's stamp of approval himself. You can take this nail trend in so many different directions. To DIY this look, you can use nail decals to avoid any mishaps and, after application, seal the deal with a top coat to make the design more lustrous. If you consider yourself a nail expert, Lights Lacquer's beauty tutorial breaks down the colors behind each nail design.

This twist on nude nails is a minimalist's dream

Nude nails are the perfect canvas for trying out fun designs. If you prefer a clean look over complicated nail art, try rocking nail polish that compliments your skin tone. But don't be fooled by its simple nature — there are many trendy nude nail designs that will show off your personality while fitting into your overall Halloween look. 

In an August 2022 Instagram post, nail artist Tessa completely subverted the neutral polish trend by adding dots in autumn-inspired colors as part of her dotticure nail art series (pictured above). In honor of Halloween, she made a few tweaks to the look in another Instagram post. After swapping out the autumn hue for spookier shades, she turned a few dots into eyeballs. We can't wait to try this design at home! 

Say goodbye to your traditional french tips

Celebrity manicurist Thuy Nyugen has blessed the nails of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Maya Rudolph, Gabrielle Union, Mindy Kaling, and Joey King. Her fresh take on the French tips trend is revolutionary, and fits Halloween in the best way. 

In a February 2020 Instagram post, Nyugen inverted the classic look by pairing glossy black nail polish with clear tips. She topped off the innovative nail trend with stars. The sharp contrast between the black and translucent parts of the manicure is proof that beauty is an art.