Trendy Nude Nail Designs You Need To Try

Whether you paint your own nails at home or get regular and professional manicures, nail art is a stylish way to show off your personality and keep your fingernails looking great.

According to Traction Beauty, having your nails done can also help create a fuller and healthier appearance. Plus, it is always exciting to pick out a color and a design. Right now, a really popular option is a nude nail. This looks like a natural nail, but it has pretty shades of polish such as pinks and tans, as pointed out by The Zoe Report, and it has been recently rocked by celebs like Hailee Steinfeld, Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, and Kourtney Kardashian.


It is the perfect combination of classy and trendy, and it can either stand on its own or have embellishments added to it. If you are ready to jump in on this trend, consider the works of art down below.

Make black artwork pop against a nude nail

The first step, when it comes to a nude-colored manicure, is to pick out a shade. After that, you can decide if you want to incorporate anything else into the design or if you want to leave the fingernails as they are.


Those who prefer bold nails can still opt for a nude nail and can then add something wild on top, such as black lines. As stated by The Trend Spotter, the darkness stands out against the light background, and it especially works well on oval or square nails.

Just as we express ourselves through what we wear and how we decorate our homes, we can also show off creativity with nail art. Write out words in a dark color, paint black eyeballs on each nail, or go for a more minimal option, as House of Cramel did. This example, shared on Instagram, has lines (some standing alone and others crisscrossing) and dots, which really pop.

Use all the colors of the nude rainbow at once

Choosing where to eat each night, deciding what to wear, picking out a new show to start, these can all be tough decisions, as can finalizing a nail polish color! Thankfully, though, there is a solution for indecisive people: Just use all of the colors.


When people hear "nude," they may think of one beige-like color, but there are actually numerous variations. Just look at all the different skin tones that exist. Your manicure can involve an array of elegant hues, as you paint each nail a different color, do stripes of various colors on each nail, or alternate between two different colors.

The choices don't stop there, but don't stress out just yet. There are more exciting ideas that can be added into the design, because you may then have to decide between, say, sparkles or matte. This example, which was posted to Instagram by Polished @ Azuri, features a gradient effect and muted colors.

Create interest with lines

Another way to customize nail art is with lines. This is common with light and muted colors, in particular, and some may feel the need to jazz them up a bit.

Lines that travel across the top edges of nails and come to a point at the tip of the nail can make fingers look longer. A cuff along the bottom cuticle adds in some funkiness, whether it is done in a complimentary nude or in a different color on each nail. A stripe may be added down the middle of the nail. And a French tip is a classic that can, once again, carry on the nudes or can be done in bright and bold hues or pretty and pastel ones.


These are just a few ideas from Cosmopolitan, and along with these from @valdosnails on Instagram, you can clearly see how many exciting options there are, just within this one nail art design trend!