The Crown Has Begun Its Search For A Young Prince Harry

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last month, Netflix's "The Crown," a dramatized portrayal of the royal family, briefly paused production to pay tribute to the late monarch. Now, production crews for the show are back to work and filming the sixth season of the series, Daily Mail reports.

"The Crown" showcases the lives of the queen; Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; Princess Margaret; and other key members of the royal family (per IMDb). One of the most intriguing points about the drama that keeps fans hooked is how the show evolves depending on the time period. Each season depicts a different set of years, swapping out actors as the characters age. Set to premiere in November, Season 5 will focus heavily on Princess Diana and the early 1990s, with Season 6 leading viewers into the early 2000s (via New York Post).

As Netflix prepares for the shooting of the sixth season, producers are looking for a budding actor to depict a young Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

Netflix is searching for a young Prince Harry lookalike

Netflix released a casting call notice, posted to Twitter by the British Youth Music Theatre, in search of an actor to play Prince Harry during his teen years. The casting call notes that no acting experience is required, but the casting director is "looking for a strong physical resemblance" to the Duke of Sussex.

Physical resemblance to the actors' real-life counterparts is arguably one of "The Crown"'s greatest strengths. Matt Smith as Prince Philip, Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, and Emma Corrin as Princess Diana are just some examples of the show's impeccable casting, as seen in side-by-side comparison photos on Entertainment Weekly. To play a young Prince Harry, ginger hair, a rosy complexion, and a naturally furrowed brow will be a must.

Besides looking the part, the actor must also be ready to film in the U.K. as soon as next month. The lucky young man will work alongside newcomers including Meg Bellamy, who will play a young Kate Middleton, and Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey, who will both portray William, Prince of Wales (per People). However, don't expect to see an actress playing the part of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Producers say that the sixth season will be the last, and the show won't extend to the present day (via New York Post).