Why General Hospital's Brook Lynn Will Look Different With A Familiar Recast

Since returning to "General Hospital" as a main character in 2019, the role of Brook Lynn has been played by Amanda Setton. However, in late 2020, the role was recast with Briana Lane so that Setton could bow out for maternity leave. Since returning from maternity leave, Setton has been at the forefront of the most buzzworthy storylines on the show. Her storyline alongside Kristen Storms' Maxie Jones to conceal the identity of one of Maxie's baby played out across many months. Lately, Brook Lynn has focused on her fledgling relationship with Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and transitioning him from police detective to pop music superstar (via Soaps In Depth).

Things between Chase and Brook Lynn have been stopping and starting for months because neither of them can allow it to move to the next level. Since the Quartermaine picnic ended in Ava Jermone's (Maura West) stabbing, they've attempted something real. Chase confessed his feelings for Brook Lynn, and she's still actively trying to make his music career take off. Things will look different in at least one upcoming episode as things evolve between Chase and Brook Lynn (via Soaps). For one episode, Sutton will hand the reins to the bold and sassy character and let someone else fill in Brook Lynn's shoes.

However, fans will be excited at the person stepping into the role of Brook Lynn. Instead of an unknown, it'll be someone quite familiar to viewers.

Briana Lane will fill in again for Amanda Setton

Per Soap Opera Digest, Briana Lane will play Brook Lynn Quartermaine following Amanda Setton's temporary exit. The recast will last for one episode, and Lane's speaking out about the experience and what it was like returning to "General Hospital." She said, "since it had been two years, I forgot what mannerisms I had and how I spoke, so that was really helpful. It felt like nothing had changed. There were some new faces I got to meet, but all in all, it just felt like coming back to a family."

Lane also commented on Chase, saying he's "not only one of the kindest, funniest guys, he's a great team player. Josh as a scene partner always makes you feel like he has your back and because I had some nerves initially [about] coming in so quickly, that just took away so much stress."

Lane's run as Brook Lynn was a memorable one and earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination (via Soaps In Depth). Regarding that, she said, "From getting to play a such a creatively fulfilling role from a legacy family to being nominated for an Emmy [as Outstanding Guest Performer] to being asked back with such welcoming arms, my experience with GH the past two years has been such a positive, once in a lifetime, bucket list experience."

Fans will no doubt be excited to see Lane return to "General Hospital" in what is sure to be a pleasant distraction from all the murder and misery plaguing Port Charles lately.