Barron Trump's Best Fashion Moments Yet

Barron Trump was the first boy to call the White House home since John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1963, according to Town & Country. Although little is known about the youngest of the Trump children, his impeccable style continues to impress.

When Barron, the only son of former President Donald Trump and Melania Trump, moved into the White House, some even labeled him the "first boy of fashion" (via Inside Edition). Growing up in the spotlight, Barron has gone from a designer-wearing baby to a trend-setting teenager. His collection of a mix of dapper suits and more laid-back casual wear make him a men's style icon.

Born on March 20, 2006, Barron grew up in a $100 million triplex penthouse on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, per People, and although sightings are rare, his fashion choices are always on point. Like his fashionable mom, the teenager has a knack for knowing what to wear and what not to wear. He may embrace Gen Z trends like playing with a fidget spinner, but when it comes to his wardrobe, Barron usually favors style over fashion trends, and that serves him well. Melania and Barron have a famously close relationship, so it is not surprising that the former fashion model has influenced her son's sartorial choices. Here's a look back at our favorite Barron Trump fashion and style highlights.

Barron Trump always looks suave in a suit

After being thrown into the spotlight when his dad became the 45th President of the United States of America in 2017, we've become accustomed to seeing Barron Trump in navy blue suits at formal events. At the time of his father's presidential inauguration, Barron was 10 years old and looked sharp in his dapper suit and perfectly coiffed hair. Showing his respect at his dad's ex-wife's funeral service, the former first boy opted for a navy blue suit again.

Towering over his parents in front of St. Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church in New York City, Barron presented himself impeccably, pairing the navy suit with a classic white button-down shirt and a navy blue silk tie. According to Gentleman's Personal Shopper, Stanley Korshak, a navy blue suit and white shirts are what every man must add to their closet. Men need "a selection of white shirts" whenever "they don't have time to think about what to wear," Korshak told Robb Report.

If you want to know who designs Barron's suits, you're out of luck because the Trump stylist team like to keep that top secret, according to Romper.

Sports casual is the look Barron seems to prefer, and he pulls it off well

Barron Trump regularly wore cotton T-shirts and shorts when his dad was president of the United States. He was pictured looking cool in a vintage red T-shirt with the words "on your mark tiger shark" displayed in the center and khaki shorts, an outfit that made him look relatable to other 11-year-olds, but not everyone was impressed. At the time, the conservative blog Daily Caller criticized the young Trump for being too casual as the first boy, slamming his wardrobe and labeling it "not normal" when he appeared publicly with his parents.

For someone whose entire upbringing has been on the go with his parents, it's no wonder the teen prefers a more relaxed look. After all, his effortless style reflects his youth and love of sports. Melania Trump said that her son doesn't use social media and that he is "all into sports," per Town & Country.

Michael Hill, creative director of men's accessories brand Drake's, says that when it come to style men are often "too hung up about rules," per Fashion Beans. Hills said it's important to know the rules and "there's always a case for ripping them up". It seems Barron Trump got that fashion memo, and his occasional rebellious fashion choices show us he has the confidence to break the rules and express his young personality by wearing more casual apparel.

Barron's puffy red jacket is a scene stealer

After their first family vacation in 2019, the Trumps were pictured returning from the Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago resort and golf course in Florida to the White House. In style, the trio stepped off Air Force One back into the colder Washington D.C. climate. Donald Trump wore a black suit, blue tie, and long black coat, while Melania Trump opted for a beige double-breasted belted coat, tight black pants, and black boots.

Meanwhile, Barron Trump wore khaki pants, a white polo, a bright red jacket, and beige New Balance shoes. With his parents wearing more neutral tones, Barron's puffy red coat stood out and proved he was more adventurous with his wardrobe than his dad. The youngster who likes to keep a low profile caught public attention with this outfit, as he oozed Hollywood vibes with his bold jacket color choice.

Celebrity fashion stylist and founder of men's lifestyle website LEO, Ilaria Urbinati, says a bomber jacket in a bold color like red is a "fashionable no-brainer." According to Urbinati, everyone looks good in blue and red, "you don't need the head-to-toe tonal look, just a nice pop," per Forbes.

Barron is on trend with his latest retro style

In August 2020, while his dad was still president of the United States, 14-year-old Barron Trump impressed onlookers with a 1950's retro-inspired look. With his astonishing height and good looks, Barron Trump was snapped on the tarmac, stepping off Airforce One, looking like a fashion model. Pictured with his parents, Barron wore a red, white, and blue-trimmed bomber jacket made by the high-end brand Moncler with a $775 price tag at that is, unsurprisingly, currently sold out. He perfectly paired the stylish statement jacket with black jeans and black leather shoes. Barron's more sophisticated shoe choice with this ensemble was surprising to fashion onlookers, as he is typically spotted wearing his favorite New Balance sneakers.

Overall, Barron's outfit had an old-school cinematic vibe and shows that he knows how to accessorize well. According to the men's style website Mr. Koachman, a belt is a powerful accessory, and as a general rule, "the bigger the buckle, the most casual the belt is." Barron's belt choices always match the look and feel of the style he is going for, proving he knows how to pay attention to even the most minor details. His mom, Melania, previously told Parenting that "you are born with style, or you are not," Barron's retro outfit proves that, just like his mom, he is definitely born with style.

Barron had style from a very young age

Since his birth, Barron Trump has lived a lavish lifestyle. After being brought home from the hospital in New York City, the young Trump was showered with designer gifts, including a golden stroller and golden chandelier, all courtesy of his parents' high-profile friends, via People. Growing up in the public eye, Baby Barron was always dressed to the fashion standards of his socialite mother. 

When Barron was just seven years old, his mom said that he "is not a sweatpants child" and that "he does not mind wearing suits, but not every day," according to ABC News. Melania also said she loved dressing Barron up nicely and ensuring he had a nightly skincare routine. On a nightly basis, Melania would slathering Barron in her eponymous Caviar Complex C6 moisturizer after his bath. 

Although there are very few public photos of Barron as a baby and toddler, when he has been photographed, he looks red carpet ready. In 2007, when his Dad was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Barron was there at just 10 months old and rocked a Parisian chic ensemble. Wearing a navy blue knitted sweater, a round-collared white shirt, navy blue shorts, and black leather booties, baby Barron Trump was a stylish baby.

Barron's hair has evolved with his style

Celebrity hairstylist Christine Nelli believes most men have lousy hair because when it comes to hair product usage, they either "don't do anything or they do too much," she told Men's Health.

Barron Trump seems to have found the perfect balance, with hair that always looks naturally healthy and minimally styled. The young Trump's hair has a soft straight texture, and it seems he doesn't use much product. Of course, his classically handsome facial bone structure helps him pull off a variety of hairstyles.

As a younger child, Barron had longer hairstyles, with his brown hair parted to the side. His more recent hairstyles are shorter and more sleek looking. He now opts for a modern look where the sides of his hair are shaved, and the top is slightly longer. His current hairstyles are a more mature look for the high schooler.

Barron is his mom's favorite fashion accessory

Melania Trump was working as a model when she first met Barron's father, Donald Trump, at a party, per Insider. Considered one of the most stylish First Ladies, Melania still graces the covers of fashion magazines and is praised for her ability to turn everyday outfits into big fashion moments. She is a style icon in her own right, and it appears that she has passed on her love of fashion to her son Barron whom she has been pictured with at red carpet events.

The mother-son pair are close, and Barron is even fluent in speaking his mother's native language, Slovene, according to Town & Country. Melania enjoyed caring for Barron in his early years and chose to stay home as a full-time mom when he was younger. She said she considers motherhood "the most important job ever," according to Parenting.

In 2010, Melania Trump took 4-year-old Barron to the 19th annual Bunny Hop in New York. She was photographed displaying affection toward him, with two dressed impeccably on the red carpet. Melania wore a short black dress that contrasted Barron's stylish beige ensemble.

New Balance sneakers are Barron's go-to shoes

New Balance is the shoe of choice for film stars, athletes, and supermodels, according to Urban Journal. With Barron Trump joining the likes of Jaden Smith and Rhianna with his love of the classic New Balance sneaker.

The teen has been photographed wearing New Balance sneakers numerous times, proving that comfort and style can go hand in hand. Dubbed by Footwear News as Barron's "favorite go-to sneakers," Barron likes to wear the shoes in different colors, matching the New Balance 574 Core sneakers with his daily outfits. The shoes are suede and mesh with a rubber outsole and retail for just $84.99. New Balance used to offer customizable colors, which Barron owns, but the company is not currently offering the customization service.

Style and fashion expert, Victoria Hitchcock, says the number one style mistake most men make when choosing what to wear is that they get too "bedazzled by brand name or price tag; these measures do not necessarily equate to quality," per Robb Report. Barron's love of the affordable New Balance shoe proves he is no fashion rookie.

Barron Trump can give his dad a few pointers on golf style

White polos and khakis are staples in Barron's wardrobe, and his neat golf look is a nod to his Golf-loving dad. Barron's golf style is effortless, and when it comes to a golf attire style, director Eric Down says that's how it should be. "Expressing yourself through style is to be applauded but embracing loud colors to get a reaction is not the way to go," Down told Fashion Beans. According to Down, classic color combos of white with black, grey, or navy will "always look sleek" on the golf course. "If you want to introduce color, then keep it to two at most. You need to be able to see the flag; it does not need to see you on the tee box."

Donald Trump is known to love golf trips and has passed on his love for the sport to his youngest child, Barron. Barron is reportedly a good golfer and enjoys golf outings in Florida with both of his parents (via Daily Mail). 

Barron has been regularly pictured with his hair slicked back, wearing polos and khakis: a look that makes him constantly look ready to take a swing at the golf course with his parents. Melanie said that when he was five, Barron "wanted to be like daddy: a businessman and golfer," according to Parenting.

He wore a J.Crew T-shirt and it sold out

At 11 years old, when he officially moved into the White House, Barron Trump stepped off Air Force One and onto the White House lawn wearing a J. Crew T-shirt that caught the public's attention. The light grey J. Crew cotton ringer shirt displayed the words "The Expert" in blue font across the chest and quickly sold out. Priced at $29.50, the popularity of the T-shirt could be because social media users were quick to label the wording as familiar with Donald Trump's rhetoric. Some suggested that Barron was wearing the T-shirt as form of rebellion, with Barron trolling his dad by wearing the tee, according to Hollywood Reporter. Either way, this was another one of Barron Trump's iconic fashion moments. 

According to men's fashion advice website, Dmarge, printed T-shirts are a step up from plain T-shirts and give a "look a bit more character." Barron Trump is often photographed in printed T-shirts in the warmer weather and always pairs them with colored trousers. In colder climates, Barron is more frequently pictured in a plain T-shirt.

He can pull off an all-black look

In 2020, Barron Trump wore an all-black outfit and confidently pulled it off. Pictured on the White House lawn with his parents, Barron wore a black t-shirt, a black bomber jacket, black jeans, and his signature New Balance shoes in black. With his light brown hair slicked back, Barron had an edgy Matrix vibe as he walked off the tarmac with his parents. The former first boy's darker clothing tones signified a more mature look as he was on the cusp of starting high school. Barron's style has transformed as he gets older, with his more adventurous experimentation with style showing the world that he is well into his teen years. Barron's growth spurt surprised his dad, as Barron is the youngest and now the tallest of all Donald Trump's children. "Barron is 6-foot-7, can you believe it? And he's 15," Donald Trump said, according to the New York Post.

Barron could join the fashion industry like his mom

Melania Trump was a successful fashion model, and her mother was a children's fashion designer. "My mom was in the fashion business. I was 5 years old when I did my first catwalk," she told Parenting. "I found my passion at such an early age. It helped with my confidence." The same fashion bug has rubbed off on her stylish son, Barron, whose sartorial choices have already gained public attention.

Only time will tell if the former first boy will choose a career path in the fashion industry and follow in his mom's footsteps. Towering over his 6-foot-3 dad and 5-foot-11 mom, Barron has the height, good looks, and family connections to become a model or work in the fashion industry. But, for now, it seems the youngest of the Trump children enjoys being a low-key teen, and that style suits him best.