General Hospital Fans Are Split On Carly's Nixon Falls-Like Journey To Her Past

On "General Hospital," when the plane flying her to a leadership seminar in Aruba was caught in a hurricane, making an emergency landing in Jacksonville, Florida, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) was suddenly dropped into her hometown and has been forced to confront events from her past (via Soap Dirt).

Soap Hub commented that thrusting her into a far away place with drama to deal with was similar to her ex-husband Sonny Corinthos' (Maurice Benard) journey to Nixon Falls — sans the amnesia and falling in love with someone. The site goes on to argue that her past had already been dealt with back when the character first appeared on the show, and that this current storyline is a needless retread.

As Soap Central tells the story — when Carly was 16 she was going by her birth name of Caroline Benson and was best friends with Charlotte 'Carly' Roberts. Caroline was coerced into sleeping with Charlotte's father. When Charlotte found out, she ran away in a speeding car that crashed and her mother told everyone she was dead. Caroline fled town, taking on the name 'Carly Roberts.' But, Charlotte didn't die, resurfacing years later going by the name Reese, and was eventually killed yet again.

Now, in Jacksonville, Carly ran into Charlotte's mother Peyton Honeycut (Linda Purl), who still holds a grudge and Carly must now deal face the ghosts of her past...again. 

Carly must reconcile her past

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is at the center of a new "General Hospital" storyline and the show posted on Twitter, "Carly left Jacksonville and never looked back...Why did she suddenly feel the urge to return to her alma mater?" Many fans turned negative in the comments, as one posted, "I thought Nixon Falls was awful but this story tops that! Who cares? We need a break from Carly."

Many defended the story, however, with a viewer answering the question writing, "For nostalgic reasons. She was part of the in crowd and lived the attention even though it was temporary." Another stated, "Carly is doing phenomenal...It was great to see Drew help lead Carly down the forgiveness path so she could heal. She has finally forgiven herself, I wonder if she will tell Willow or Nina the truth now. Maybe Drew?"

"My hope is that this self discovery leads to her telling Drew that Nina is the mom," wrote one viewer. "Tell Willow that Nina is her birth Mom and let Willow decide if she wants to tell Nina. Carly needs to be single for a bit and focus on herself and her kids." A long time fan replied, "Been watching since 1963. Nothing wrong with ANY of these storylines."

An appreciative viewer posted, "Love the story. I think it will resonate for a lot of young girls and women who have been in an inappropriate relationship."