Here's How Much The Youngest Members Of The Royal Family Are Worth

It's well known that the adult members of the royal family have impressive net worths. King Charles III was worth $100 million before he ascended to the throne in September 2022, and that number ballooned to a staggering $600 million overnight. The adult members of the royal family earn money in quite a few ways, and a significant portion of their income is funded by the taxpayers of the United Kingdom.

The youngest members of the royal family also have net worths of their own, though the total economic value they bring to the table is measured in different ways. For example, Prince George doesn't have a job or own assets as he's a minor, but his position as heir to the throne and the firstborn child of Prince William and Kate Middleton has meant that he's had a huge appeal to the public — an appeal that equates to an estimated net worth of up to $3 billion (per Readers Digest).

Prince George isn't the only young member of the family who is contributing in a significant way. Here's a look at the net worth of several of the British monarchy's youngest members.

Prince George is worth up to $3 billion

As the firstborn child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince George was born into a life that can definitely be described as comfortable. And while he doesn't have a job where he earns his own income, George's benefits from being the son of the future king have been a boost to the economy of the United Kingdom as a whole.

Reader's Digest has estimated that George's net worth is approximately $3 billion, though other sources such as Celebrity Net Worth estimate that it is around $500,000. As the Daily Star has explained, the value of everything from the clothes George is photographed wearing to the toys his family mentions buying him is counted as part of his overall net worth because of the "royal effect." In short, if a photo of George wearing a sweater is shared online, hundreds of thousands of that same sweater will be sold. This effect was put to the test on George's third birthday, when a £9 shirt he wore in his official photograph sold out within hours of the photo being shared online.

Princess Charlotte's net worth is approximately $5 billion

If Prince George's economical net worth is surprising, his younger sister Princess Charlotte is even more so. According to Reader's Digest, Charlotte's overall net worth is approximately $5 billion. It's even more impressive when you consider that Charlotte amassed that impressive number all within the first few months of her birth. As CNN noted, at the time she had only made two public appearances, but that was enough to get the "Charlotte effect" off the ground and running. 

Brand Finance's CEO David Haigh told CNN that in terms of numbers, Charlotte, her older brother George, and their mother Kate Middleton have been especially profitable additions to the family as a whole. He explained, "The unofficial endorsement of Charlotte, George, and Kate in particular has a profound financial effect running into millions annually."

As Marie Claire explained in June 2022, Charlotte has had an especially strong impact on the economy with the clothing and accessories she's worn when photographed in public. As the outlet noted, a yellow cardigan that Charlotte wore sold out the same day she was seen in it.

Prince Louis has a net worth of up to $400 million

Prince Louis is the third and youngest of the Wales children, and he is certainly doing his part to improve the economy of the United Kingdom as well. As The Tough Tackle has pointed out, Louis' approximate net worth of $400 million is aided in part by his wealthy family and royal status, and he's also a fashion icon for families and families around the world, just like his siblings before him.

Other sources have estimated that Louis' stock fell a little during the COVID-19 pandemic. High Income Source wrote in September 2022 that the youngest of the family is worth $100 million owing to the global shutdown, which meant he wasn't seen in public at the same rate that his siblings were at similar ages, therefore the "royal effect" couldn't be put into action. While it's likely that Louis will have many opportunities to contribute to U.K.'s economy in the future, only time will tell whether he will ascend to the levels that his siblings have.

Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor were born with impressive net worths

A lot of royal watchers and enthusiasts happily anticipated the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's oldest child, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor. Some of that excitement might have been due to Archie's own contributions to the U.K. economy. As Good Housekeeping pointed out in May 2019, the oldest Mountbatten-Windsor child was expected to boost the country's economy by over $1 billion.

Archie's appeal was attributed to the fact that he was Harry and Meghan's firstborn and that his mother has an impeccable fashion sense that many assumed would be reflected in her child's clothing. Experts agreed, and Professor Joshua Bamfield, who heads the Centre for Retail Research, told Hello! Magazine that this wasn't the only way Archie is contributing to the economy. In the days leading up to his birth, the sales of Archie-related souvenirs were expected to bring in between $65 million and $91 million. He said, "These sales will be made in the U.K. and Europe, but Harry and Meghan are followed in the U.S., and we expect significant sales there also."

Other sources have stated that both Archie and his sister Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor have an estimated net worth of over $10 billion each (per EGHN). However, that net worth is based on their parents' income, and separate estimates of Lilibet's impact on the U.K. economy have not been published since Harry and Meghan are no longer active working royals.

Princess Beatrice's daughter Sienna is well-supported by her parents

Prince William and Prince Harry's cousin Princess Beatrice married her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July 2020, and their daughter Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi was born in 2021. While it's not clear whether Sienna has similarly impacted the economy of the United Kingdom in the way that her cousins have, both of her parents have significant net worths of their own.

As a non-working member of the royal family, Beatrice has been the beneficiary of trust funds established by her great-grandmother and a second trust fund established by her father and grandmother after Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson divorced. On top of that, she's worked a few jobs that have contributed to her net worth. As such, her estimated net worth is $1 million (via Cosmopolitan).

Mapelli Mozzi is the CEO of a property development and interior design company and his family is distantly related to the Italian aristocracy. His net worth is unclear, but the company was valued at $700 million in 2021 (per Hello! Magazine).

Princess Eugenie's son August Brooksbank is also financially secure

Like her older sister Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie is the beneficiary of two trust funds and has worked a couple of jobs that have left her with a net worth of an estimated $1 million (per Landscape Insight). Eugenie married her husband Jack Brooksbank in October 2018, and it's assumed that her overall net worth is higher now that the pair have taken that step. 

While Jack's net worth isn't publicly available as he is a private citizen, E! News reported that it's believed their combined net worth is at least $4.7 million. He and Eugenie moved to Portugal part-time in 2022 when Jack took on a job with Discovery Land Company, which is owned by Mike Meldman. As noted by Town & Country Magazine, Jack previously worked as a brand ambassador for George Clooney's tequila brand Casamigos, of which Meldman was a former partner.

Eugenie and Jack welcomed their son August Philip Hawke Brooksbank in February 2021, and it's safe to assume the young boy is well taken care of in terms of finances.