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1990s Pop Stars, The British Royal Family, Reality TV
  • Stephanie loves interviewing celebrities and notable people about their passions, projects, and more. Drew Barrymore remains one of the nicest interviewees of all time!
  • Her work at The Process Basketball allows her to regularly interview international men's and women's basketball players.
  • Stephanie has an essay in "The Good Mother Myth."


Stephanie has been working in digital publishing for more than a decade and has had a varied career at quite a few outlets. She began by working as the managing editor for Offbeat Families before moving on to pursue other roles with various publications. She now works as an editor at LittleThings, with additional bylines at Parade, People, Huffington Post, and Entertainment Weekly. She is also the media & marketing director for The Process Basketball, a US-based non-profit that combines elite basketball training with philanthropy.


Stephanie has a bachelor's degree in sociology and global studies, which has elevated her critical analysis skills and also given her a unique insight into the minds and actions of people around the world.
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