Biden's Word Choice During Florida Visit Is A Bit Puzzling

Joe Biden has reportedly shared his plans for 2024 with an unlikely source, in the clearest sign yet that he intends to go for re-election. Per NBC News, the commander-in-chief told Rev. Al Sharpton that he's definitely planning to run again, as revealed by one of Sharpton's staffers. The president notably asked Sharpton for his opinion on a potential presidential campaign back in 2019, suggesting he could be following the same path this time around.

Biden may have a tough journey ahead of him though, with a recent poll cited by The Hill divulging that 45% of respondents would vote for Donald Trump in a potential re-match, while 41% would pick Biden. Aside from battling dodgy approval ratings, the president keeps putting his foot in his mouth. Biden had an awkward moment with Peter Doocy that everyone was talking about when he was caught on a hot mic openly insulting the Fox News reporter.

NBC News reported that Biden had referred to Doocy as "a stupid son of a b****" after he posed a question about inflation, not realizing his comment was audible. USA Today subsequently confirmed the two men had worked things out behind closed doors, with Doocy noting during an appearance on Fox News that the president had called him personally to clear the air. Now, Biden is being put on blast again after swearing within earshot. 

The president made a startling statement about his lineage

President Biden is very proud of his family name. According to The New York Post, during a recent visit to Florida, Biden was overheard confidently stating that "no one f***s with a Biden." The president was meeting victims of Hurricane Ian, whose homes have been devastated by the storm, at the time. Biden acknowledged understanding their position due to enduring a fire 15 years ago that left "an awful lot" of his own home destroyed. 

"I know from experience, how much anxiety and fear and concern are [among] the people," Biden said, pointing to how so many things are now up in the air for Floridians. He was speaking to Fort Myers Mayor Ray Murphy when the shocking hot mic moment occurred. "You were raised the same way I was," Biden said, with Murphy confirming, "I was, I was." The president then made the remark, to which Murphy responded, "Goddamn right." 

Biden went on to add, "You can't argue with your brothers outside the house" and Murphy conceded, "That's exactly right." Biden also praised Myers for his response to the ongoing natural disaster, especially in comparison to Governor Ron DeSantis, who notably doesn't believe in climate change. According to NBC News, Murphy later downplayed the moment after it went viral, reasoning it wasn't a big deal. "That's just the way two guys talk to each other from our respective backgrounds," he clarified, noting, "It didn't faze me one bit."