Plans For The Queen's Favorite Pony Have Finally Been Announced

Queen Elizabeth II's love of horses was well known throughout her life. She received her first pony at the tender age of four and has continued to own horses ever since. According to the monarchy's official website, the queen was more than a casual hobbyist — she was an avid rider, breeder, and owner. She also entered her horses in competitive racing competitions and earned multiple wins over the years.

The queen never stepped away from her horses, even when her physical condition declined. Forbes reports that despite being told by doctors to cease horseback riding in 2021, the late monarch continued riding until as recently as June, just after her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Queen Elizabeth II didn't shy away from choosing favorites when it came to her mounts. Her favorite at the time of her death was said to be Emma, a Fell pony that was so special, she was even included in the queen's funeral processions. Since then, plans for the prized pony have been unclear, but Buckingham Palace is finally giving an update on Emma's future.

Emma the pony will continue her royal life at Buckingham Palace

On the royal family's Instagram, Buckingham Palace posted a recent photo of Emma the pony, along with a caption announcing what her life will be like without her owner, Queen Elizabeth II. "For the past fifteen years, Queen Elizabeth regularly rode Emma for light exercise in the grounds around Windsor Castle, during Her Majesty's private time," it says. "Emma will continue to be much-loved and cared for at the Royal Mews, Windsor, and regularly exercised by its small, dedicated team."

The Royal Mews is the palace's historical stables, housing royal horses as well as coaches and carriages. Besides Emma, the Royal Mews cares for Windsor Greys and Cleveland Bays, two types of carriage horses. Fans showed their appreciation for the update, with one commenting, "Thank you for this post. I have wondered since Her Majesty's passing what would happen to her animals." In addition to the queen's favorite pony, it was announced last month that her beloved corgis would find a new home with Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York, per BBC.