Fixer Upper's Best Bedroom And Ensuite Bathroom Remodels

Any fan of "Fixer Upper" knows that if there's anything the couple can do, it's a good home renovation. No matter the style of the homeowners, Chip and Joanna Gaines have been able to mesh the owners' interior design style with their modern farmhouse look, and have created an empire while doing so. 

Ever since "Fixer Upper" first premiered in 2013 (via HGTV), the renovation show has been credited with the rise of the modern farmhouse style. And while the show may have ended, and the Magnolia network has launched in all its glory, we are constantly left with interior design ideas and inspirations. Some of the most important renovations that occurred on the show were the remodels of the master bedroom. The master bedroom was (and still is) an important, private space for homeowners, where they could sit back and relax after a long day. Along with the bedroom, the ensuite bathroom was equally as important as many times owners were coming from not having a private bathroom.

Regardless of the other areas of the home, these two spaces were important to the new homeowners and — most of the time — they needed the most work.

The best Fixer Upper bedroom remodels

While it can be easy to slap some paint on the walls and call it a day, that isn't how Chip and Joanna worked on "Fixer Upper." Instead, the Gaines remodeled the bedroom to ensure the owners had a place to rest and relax. One of the most remarkable bedroom renovations happened during the remodel of "La Pequeña Colina." While this home has been regarded as one of Joanna Gaines' favorite renovations, the master bedroom was truly stunning (photographed above). With the stone accent wall mixed with whites, creams, and woods, it was the perfect relaxing and natural space the homeowners were looking for.

Another extraordinary master bedroom was one of the smallest you've probably seen on "Fixer Upper." Dubbed "Tiny Shotgun House," this small home was seemingly microscopic. With a such challenging footprint to work with, the Gaines were tasked with creating a home that felt big and comfortable without feeling cramped. However, one of Joanna's many skills involves making any space feel like home. 

This house was no exception as she managed to create a cozy feeling by mixing colors, textures, and fabrics. By combining teal and wood, along with beautiful accents and smartly-placed mirrors, Joanna created a unique master bedroom from almost no square footage.

Best Fixer Upper ensuite bathroom remodel

Even though the master bedroom was essential to the renovations on "Fixer Upper," it wasn't the only room that saw incredible transformations. The ensuite bathroom remodels also saw drastic changes that delivered emotional responses from the homeowners. While less glamorous, the bathrooms could make or break an entire project. 

Dubbed "The Giraffe House," this Season 4 home had one of the most stunning transformations in its ensuite bathroom. In this bathroom, Joanna Gaines showed us that multiple patterns and textures — all in one space — could look tranquil. By mixing stone in the shower, subway tiles on the wall, and wood accents on the cabinet, the newly finished bathroom got a little bit of everything (see above). Bringing it all together were accents that truly made this bathroom feel like another piece of home.

Another major renovation happened during the Season 5 home dubbed the "The Club House." This bathroom remodel not only was a stunning transformation, but it showed us one of the most spectacular showers on the show (see below). The stand-up shower showcased in this episode was big, even for "Fixer Upper" standards, and showed off multiple tiling patterns that simply flowed together.

Whether you are a fan of rustic or modern farmhouses, there's no denying that "Fixer Upper" was — and thanks to Discovery+ still is — the go-to place to learn about renovations.