Leslie Leon

Los Angeles, California
California State University, Long Beach
Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty
  • As a full-time content creator, Leslie has written on all sorts of lifestyle topics since 2016 when she began her own blog.
  • She was also co-online editor-in-chief and responsible for delegating and producing digital content for DIG Magazine.
  • Under her own blog, Leslie has written multiple lifestyle posts in collaboration with brands and companies under affiliate marketing.


Leslie has been a full-time content creator and blogger since 2016. She established her own website where she delves into topics such as fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel. She was also tapped to help create and manage writers for the digital edition of DIG Magazine, a lifestyle publication that serves the California State University, Long Beach student population.


Leslie obtained bachelor's degrees in both journalism and political science, with an emphasis in Global Studies. She earned them simultaneously in 2019.
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