The Five Best Places To Visit If You Want To Take A Tropical Vacation

A tropical vacation in the winter months, or anytime of year, can be a beautiful recharge and remedy feelings of humdrum dreariness or stressed-out overwhelm. The breathtaking sunrise and sunset, beach lounging, colorful food and drink, swaying palm leaves — there's a reason island imagery is used in visualizations to relax.

From Hawaii to the Bahamas to the Maldives, whether you're vacationing alone, as a couple, or have kids in tow, splurging or traveling on a budget, our earth offers a lot of white sand and sunshine for you and yours to reconnect with nature and with each other.

There are several factors to consider when choosing where your plane will land for your tropical getaway. Are you looking for rigorous outdoor recreation or do you envision yourself mostly reading in a hammock oceanside? Rich local history and tons of activities for tourists — or again with the laying down + large body of water? Whichever tropical destination you choose, it's hard to go wrong with the healing powers of the sun, sea, and sand. According to Vacation Idea, these are the top five spots for your tropical escape.

5. Turks and Caicos Islands

Known as a must-see destination for divers and snorkelers, Turks and Caicos is truly *the* spot for the active traveler. From day cruises, kiteboarding, and reef adventures to snorkeling tours and beachside horseback riding, you certainly won't be bored on these islands, which understandably draw tons of vacationers each year.

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Turks and Caicos is roughly 620 miles from Miami and the islands have two international airports, Providenciales International Airport and Grand Turk JAGS McCartney International Airport. If you're traveling from the U.S., you won't need a visa. Trip Advisor recommends visiting Turks and Caicos between February and April and most lodging is located on the island of Providenciales (a.k.a.. the party island), so buckle up for some memorable nights.

Another plus? The unique creatures of the islands. Wildlife lovers will surely appreciate the opportunities to connect with the animals on the Caicos Conch Farm and the French Cay bird sanctuary, via Trip Advisor. The people of Turks and Caicos are known as friendly and inviting, via Vacation Idea, so whatever your itinerary looks like, you'll surely be greeted by warm, smiling faces at each stop.

4. Hawaii

The aloha state comes in at No. 4 and whether you're a foodie, nature lover, romanticist, spiritual journeyer, or wellness enthusiast, Hawaii likely has what you're seeking, via Go Hawaii. Only six hours from the West Coast by plane, these islands are known for their stunning beauty, laid-back lifestyle, rich ancient culture, and diverse flora and fauna.

If you're traveling with kids, the educational opportunities of the Hawaiian islands are abundant. Try stargazing at 'Imiloa Astronomy Center, exploring Pearl Harbor, or check out the lava at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. What better way to learn than to absorb the experience, hands-on, and get those curious minds wondering?

Or maybe it's time for mom and dad to leave the kids with grandma and take a romantic getaway to the healing islands of Hawaii. The options for couples retreats and spiritual expansion on these white shores just can't be beat. Maui Healing Retreat offers a chance to immerse yourself in the healing power of the land, guided by caring experts along the way.

It might be tricky to get yourself on that plane back home, because the islands' soothing impression is sure to last.

3. Bora Bora

Recognized as a honeymoon hotspot, Bora Bora is idyllic with its overwater bungalows and mesmerizing turquoise oceans. The small island in the South Pacific is the perfect peaceful getaway with stunning coral reefs and luxury around every corner. Bora Bora has just two seasons: wet and dry, via Aria of Light. The dry season is May through October — this is when you'll avoid the heavy cloud cover.

The heavenly beaches almost seem otherworldly and the spot you won't want to miss is Matira Beach, which often makes the list of top beaches anywhere on the globe, via Aria of Light. The secluded coves, private beaches, and overall peaceful atmosphere make Bora Bora a highly popular locale for marriage proposals, destination weddings, or any couple celebrating romance. And we can't forget these must-try delicacies for your candle-lit dinner.

The Bora Bora specialty, poisson cru (raw tuna marinated in creamy coconut milk and lime juice) is a local favorite, via U.S. News & World Report. Most menus will feature seafood, but you'll also want to make sure you get a taste of the island's tropical fruits: bananas, coconuts, and pineapples.

Whether you're planning a honeymoon or are just in need of a peaceful retreat, look no further than the calming waters of Bora Bora.

2. Bahamas

Just 50 miles from the coast of Florida, the pink sand beaches and crystal clear shores of the Bahamas are near the top of the list for a reason. From stunning National Parks to luxurious resorts, there's something for everyone in the family. With 16 main islands and the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world, there's also no shortage of opportunities to explore — oh, and we can't leave out the 300 plus days of sunshine per year, via

One surprising draw that makes the Bahamas unique from other tropical vacation destinations? Swimming pigs. Yes, you read that correctly. On Big Major Cay you may find yourself greeted by an adorable swimming pig along the sandy white shores. The pigs will often approach vacationers for a scrap of food or just to be pet on the head. The island does ask that, as cute as the piglets are, they aren't picked up, via

Nearly year-round sunshine, pink sand, and precious piglets — It doesn't get much better than that.

1. Maldives

Coming in first is the Indian Ocean's Maldives. Comprised of nearly 1,000 islands, 90 of them are completely devoted to resorts. The paradise's motto is 'the sunny side of life' and it's easy to see why, via Vacation Idea. This tropical getaway hotspot is ideal for lovers of the great outdoors and the oceanic recreation is sure to please. Water sports, diving, snorkeling, fishing — The Maldives has it all. And in taking it a step further, the Maldives is also home to the world's first underwater dining spot, Ithaa undersea restaurant. Whether that's an obvious yes or a hard pass for you, it sure is something. And so, it's no shock that the Maldives also hosts an underwater spa, Huvafen Fushi Underwater Spa & Resort. Here, spa goers can enjoy an array of marine life while relaxing for a soothing massage.

The breathtaking beauty of the earth is exemplified in the Maldives. You and your loved ones are sure to be replenished, body, mind, and soul in this picturesque paradise.

So, there we have it. The top five tropical vacation destinations. Take a glance at the calendar and start planning your next travel adventure today.