The New Fragrance Launch That Has A Familiar Scent You'll Either Love Or Loathe

Finding a perfume that works for you can be tricky. Not only do you want others to like the way it smells, you also need to be able to live with smelling that scent all day long. According to The Cut, finding a fragrance that works for you can be quite a long process. They recommend starting with lighter scents first before moving to more intense smells and taking your desired scent for a spin — about four hours with the fragrance on should give you a better idea of how much you like it or not.

And while, per Harper's Bazaar, the top perfume's often have floral, fruit, or woodsy scents, those popular smells aren't for everybody. If you often find yourself taking in odd scents, like the lobby of a doctor's office or an indoor pool, and feeling nostalgic and happy, you may be searching for a fragrance that gives you that same feeling. If you achieve that feeling when pumping gas (maybe it takes you back to your teen years driving around with friends), you may be surprised to learn that there is a scent made just for you. Just beware: others may absolutely hate it.

Snif has released a new fragrance called Dead Dinosaur that smells like gasoline

You may be doing a double take to the headline above, but it's true, there is a new fragrance out there that smells like gasoline. If you don't understand why anyone would want to smell like gas, you are likely scrunching your nose in disgust. But, if you are one of the ones who enjoys the smell, check out Snif's new fragrance, Dead Dinosaur. According to Allure, this is the first of their "secret menu" series, which features odd and non-traditional scents.

But don't worry: there is no actual gasoline in this fragrance, and the smell is subtle, per Allure. It also includes more common fragrance ingredients like amber woods, ginger, magnolia flower, and cedarwood, according to Snif. If you don't want to test a whole bottle, consider purchasing the air freshener to get a feel for what the fragrance will smell like. If you're still unsure, just listen to Snif themselves, who describe the scent as "an ode to the addictive smell of gasoline, garage hangs, and simpler times."