Why Twitter Is Freaking Out Over Princess Diana's Sheep Sweater From The 1980s

Princess Diana was arguably one of the biggest fashion influences of her time. In fact, her daughters-in-law regularly look to their late mother-in-law for inspiration for their wardrobes to this day. Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, is a huge fan of polka dots just like Diana, for instance. As for Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex has taken a page out of Prince Harry's mother's style playbook on many occasions, such as on Remembrance Day in 2019 (via SheKnows).

Royal family members imitating Princess Diana is expected. But someone else we might never have predicted would copy the former Princess of Wales is trending on Twitter and let's just say that fans are loving it.

First, think back to the 1980s. Perhaps you remember a famous red sweater Diana wore with white sheep on it? The look was so iconic, designer Warm & Wonderful re-released the cozy look a few years ago and predictably sold out of it right away (via Robb Report).

Now, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, A.K.A. the original "emo" guy, has gone viral for donning the famed look (via The Tab).

Fans are pleasantly caught off guard

Twitter collectively went nuts when Gerard Way sported the sheep sweater made famous by none other than Princess Diana in the 1980s during a sold-out performance at The Forum in Los Angeles (via Los Angeles Times and Twitter).

Fans were loving the head-turning tribute to the late Princess of Wales, with one person tweeting what we were all thinking: "gerard dressed as princess diana was, again, something that wasn't on my 2022 bingo but i'm glad it happened."

Other people were so caught off guard, one Twitter user said the images felt like "a fever dream." Many folks pointed out the irony of Way donning the iconic garment on the revenge-themed night of the My Chemical Romance revival.

And still more fans became convinced that if Princess Diana were alive to see the "emo" icon wearing her sweater, she would have been beyond thrilled.