The 5 Best Podcasts To Listen To While Cooking

Since podcasts became popular, it seems like there's a podcast for everything now. From true crime podcasts to podcasts to help you fall asleep, there's something for whatever your interests are. According to BuzzSprout, there are 2.4 million podcasts available, with around 455,000 still active. With all of these options, there's always something new to hear. One of the reasons why podcasts are so popular now is because they help pass the time while doing everyday tasks. With just a few taps, you can take ordinary chores and make them much more manageable. 

One of these tasks that can seem daunting is cooking. Instead of silently making your dinner, enjoy your downtime with a new podcast episode. Take the time to practice self-care by either listening to a topic you love or something you've never heard of before. The best part of listening while cooking is that it can entertain you to the point where it seems like time is flying by. Once you've found the podcasts you love, you'll start to look forward to cooking daily. 

Stuff you should know

If you have a curious mind and often wonder about the history or backstory around random things or events, you need to listen to "Stuff You Should Know." This podcast, hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, gives you the story about almost anything and everything. From champagne to how license plates work, this podcast will entertain and educate you while you cook. While it seems odd to inquire about random objects/events, the backstory will fascinate you and leave you more knowledgeable than before. The entertaining stories in these podcasts will give you a break from your daily noise and leave you entertained.


There's no denying that true crime podcasts are the most popular topics, no matter which platform you listen to them. One of these podcasts that even made national headlines is "Serial". In this podcast, journalist Sarah Koenig takes you through crime and narrates the true story throughout the entire season. The first season consisted of the killing of Hae Min Lee, which ultimately became one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes. This season also sparked national interest even into 2022 and produced multiple documentaries and series on the subject. With three seasons to listen to, Serial will keep you intrigued and hooked until the very end.

Ten percent happier

Life can be challenging with the influx of news hitting us daily. In "Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris" you can step away from everything and learn how to be happier. Between interviewing meditation teachers, celebrities, and even the Dalai Lama, Dan Harris explores different methods to soothe your mind and excel in your meditation and happiness practices.

Not your typical self-help podcast, "Ten Percent Happier" takes you through the science while also giving you simple ways you can live a happier life. In his podcast, Dan Harris makes it clear that happiness isn't just a feeling some have and others don't, it's a muscle that needs training.

The dollop

Although the idea of listening to a history podcast isn't entirely appealing, "The Dollop" isn't your average podcast. Hosted by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, this comedy duo takes you through different events and explains them in a hilarious new way. Not only are Anthony and Reynolds teaching their listeners about history, but the concept lies in Anthony telling these stories to Reynolds, who has never heard of these events before. This new concept lets these two comedies flex their improv muscles and deliver hilarious versions of history. Enjoy your cooking while laughing, and possibly learn some history.

International infamy

"International Infamy with Ashley Flowers" is what happens when you take true crime abroad. Perfect for anyone who has heard all of the true crime podcasts, this show takes it to another level. In this 15-episode show, Ashley Flowers takes you around the world and talks you through high-profile cases from around the world. Each episode takes place in a new country and gives you all the information from the culture to the crime. If you are a true crime fan, you can try to pair your cooking with the country of that day's episode.