All The Men Sami Brady Has Loved On Days Of Our Lives

"Days of Our Lives" viewers have watched Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) grow up before their very eyes. The legacy character is the daughter of Marlena Evans and Roman Brady. While her parents are two of Salem's most beloved and respected citizens, Sami has often veered off course and caused plenty of trouble for her family and friends along the way (via Soap Central).

Through the years, Sami has been a part of more schemes than fans can count. She's become known for her selfish behavior and has stopped at nothing to obtain what she wants. In many cases, Sami's plots have revolved around romance, and she has repeatedly fallen in and out of love over the years. Viewers know that the character loves fiercely, but she has a reputation for letting her emotions get the best of her. When Sami wants something, she goes after it, regardless of what it might cost her. 

Sadly, Sami has often gotten in her own way regarding love and romance, and her lies have caused her to lose many people she's loved. However, fans continue to root for Sami to find happiness as she's become one of the soap opera's most popular characters.

Sami's first love was Austin Reed

Sami Brady's complicated love life all began when she fell head over heels for Austin Reed (Austin Peck), per Soap Central. "Days of Our Lives" fans watched as Sami became infatuated with Austin, but there was one big problem — Austin was already in love with Sami's older sister, Carrie Brady (Christie Clark). Sami did everything she could to break up Austin and Carrie and even enlisted Austin's brother, Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo), to help her.

At one point, Sami even drugged Austin and made him believe she was pregnant with his child. Although Austin's heart belonged to Carrie, he was torn between his love for her and his obligation to Sami and the baby. Eventually, Austin and Sami were forced to get married in order to get their son, Will, back after he was kidnapped. Austin told Sami that he planned to annul the marriage as soon as possible, but things took a wild turn. 

Austin accidentally hit Sami with a car, and when she woke up in the hospital, she was suffering from memory loss. Austin then went along with the fake marriage to not upset her. However, when her memories returned, Sami pretended she still had amnesia so that Austin would stay by her side. She even convinced him to remarry her in a church ceremony. However, Sami's dreams of being with Austin were torn to shreds when Carrie discovered that Will wasn't Austin's son and stopped the wedding.

Lucas Horton was Sami's partner in crime for years

"Days of Our Lives" first brought Sami Brady and Lucas Horton together as friends. The two were very similar in their personalities and interests, and because Lucas was in love with Carrie Brady, he helped Sami attempt to break up her relationship with his half-brother, Austin Reed (via Soap Central). As Sami and Lucas grew closer, they leaned on one another during tough times. One night the pair sought comfort in each other and were intimate. After Sami found out she was pregnant, she plotted to trap Austin into a relationship by pretending the baby was his.

In reality, Lucas was the father of Sami's son, Will. Eventually, Carrie spilled the beans about Will's paternity, and Lucas was furious with Sami for hiding it from him. However, the pair were able to mend fences and eventually decided to give a romantic relationship a shot. The couple got together and tried to become a family. Sami and Lucas even got married and later welcomed another child together, Allie Horton. Their relationship ultimately didn't work out, though they have remained very close friends and co-parents over the years.

In July 2022, Sami and Lucas reconciled and nearly remarried, but the ceremony was called off after it was revealed that Lucas had previously kidnapped Sami to keep her away from EJ DiMera, per Daytime Confidential.

Sami planned weddings with Franco Kelly and Brandon Walker

Although Sami Brady's early loves included Austin Reed and Lucas Horton, she also had relationships with men like Franco Kelly (Victor Alfieri) and Brandon Walker (Matt Cedeno), per Fame 10

"Days of Our Lives" viewers were introduced to Franco in the late 1990s when he came to Salem looking for a green card. Sami's family didn't like Franco, but Sami fell hard for him. Eventually, the couple got engaged, but before they were able to marry, Sami found out that Franco had been unfaithful. He later turned up dead, and Sami was convicted of his murder, although she was innocent of the crime. Sami was put on death row and was nearly executed before she was cleared of the charges at the last minute.

Sami also fell deeply in love with Nicole Walker's brother, Brandon. Brandon was revealed to be the biological son of Abe Carver after he had an affair with his father's wife, Lexie Carver (via Soap Central). Sami discovered the truth about Brandon's paternity and used it to blackmail Lexie. Eventually, Brandon and Sami got engaged and tied the knot. However, just hours after the ceremony, Brandon found out about Sami's scheming and annulled their marriage.

Of course, Sami didn't give up on love and later married two men who were both head over heels for her.

Fans loved Sami's relationship with EJ DiMera

Sami Brady met EJ DiMera (then James Scott) while she was involved with Lucas Horton, per Soaps in Depth. EJ moved in next door to Sami, and "Days of Our Lives" viewers soon saw sparks fly between them. What Sami didn't know was that EJ was sent to Salem to grow close to Sami and impregnate her in hopes of having a child whose stem cells would be able to save the life of EJ's father, Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo). Sami did get pregnant with twins Allie and Johnny, but only Johnny was fathered by EJ, while Allie's father was proven to be Lucas.

Sami then learned about the DiMera vendetta against the Brady family and agreed to marry EJ in order to stop it. The two tied the knot and did eventually fall in love with one another. Over the years, Sami and EJ endured a lot of ups and downs, such as their son's cancer diagnosis, EJ's affair with Abigail Deveraux, and even EJ's death — though he was later brought back to life by Dr. Rolf.

When Sami discovered that EJ was still alive, she helped him recover from his injuries, and the two got back together. However, Lucas came between them when he kidnapped Sami and framed EJ for the crime. Sami and EJ later divorced.

Sami married Rafe Hernandez in 2010

While Sami Brady's greatest loves have been EJ DiMera and Lucas Horton, she also shared a very special bond with Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering). "Days of Our Lives" introduced Rafe as an FBI agent assigned to protect Sami while she was in the witness protection program (via Soap Central). At the time, Sami was also pregnant with EJ's baby but was keeping the pregnancy a secret from him, afraid to bring another DiMera child into the family. During her time in witness protection, Sami and Rafe grew close and eventually developed feelings for each other.

When Sami gave birth to her daughter, Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) switched that baby at the hospital with one she was set to adopt. Nicole, who was married to EJ at the time, faked her pregnancy and later made EJ believe that Sami's baby was theirs. They named the baby Sydney and began to raise her as their own. Meanwhile, Sami named the baby that she took home Grace, and she and Rafe raised the child together until she became sick and passed away (via Soaps in Depth). The couple was heartbroken by Grace's death, and Rafe eventually helped Sami reunite with Sydney when the truth about her parentage was revealed. Sami and Rafe got married and were happy together until Sami cheated on Rafe with EJ. The couple divorced, and Sami and EJ got back together.

Sami's romantic history has been a wild ride for fans, but that's just one of the reasons why viewers love the character so much.