Days Of Our Lives Relationship Timeline: EJ And Sami

Sami Brady is one of the most popular characters to ever appear on "Days of Our Lives." Sami, played by actress Alison Sweeney, is the daughter of Dr Marlena Evans and Roman Brady. Although she comes from an upstanding and well-respected Salem family, Sami has always been a bit of a black sheep. She's known as one of Salem's bad girls, and although she's shown that she can have a heart of gold, Sami continues to cause trouble and create messes involving herself and those closest to her, per Soap Central


Of course, Sami's life has been a rollercoaster of drama, but so have her relationships. "DOOL" viewers know that Sami's been in more than one very serious relationship, as she was previously obsessed with Austin Reed before moving on to Lucas Horton and Brandon Walker (via Fame 10). She was also previously married to Rafe Hernandez. However, the love of Sami's life has been EJ DiMera. Together, Sami and EJ join the ranks of other Salem couples like Bo and Hope Brady, Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis, and John Black and Marlena Evans, as a huge fan-favorite pairing.

Sadly, things have not been easy for Sami and EJ over the years.

Sami and EJ's relationship endured a very rocky start

When EJ DiMera (James Scott) came to Salem in 2006, "Days of Our Lives" fans were immediately intrigued with the character, as was Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney). When it was revealed that EJ was the son of Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera, things got even more complicated. EJ had moved in across the hall from Sami, and the two often met up. It was later made known that EJ had been summoned to Salem on Stefano's orders to kill John Black and seduce Sami in order to carry on the DiMera name with a member of the Brady family (via She Knows Soaps).


Although Sami was in a relationship with Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) at the time, she found herself pulled to EJ. Later, when Sami needed help to save Lucas' life, EJ agreed to help her on the condition that she sleep with him. She did, and Sami later found herself pregnant with twins, one fathered by Lucas and the other fathered by EJ. The couple's rocky relationship didn't slow from there. Sami eventually agreed to marry EJ to end Stefano's vendetta against the Brady family. However, the wedding was interrupted when Sami and Lucas' son Will shot EJ at the altar. Lucas took the blame for the crime and ended up in prison. Of course, things didn't get easier for the duo.

Sami and EJ were pushed to the edge

After their very dramatic start, "Days of Our Lives" viewers eventually watched Sami Brady and EJ DiMera grow close. They formed a solid bond and even fell in love, according to She Knows Soaps. EJ went as far as to cut ties with his father Stefano. He began working as a lawyer for Micky Horton's firm and planned a normal, happy life with Sami. However, that wasn't the case. Once Lucas Horton was released from prison, Sami found herself back in his arms. The two got back together, leaving EJ heartbroken. Of course, he didn't stay single for very long. He began a romance with Nicole Walker and returned to working with his father.


Sami and Nicole both found out that they were pregnant with EJ's children, which made for some bad blood between the two women, who were already enemies. Sadly, Nicole lost her baby but decided to fake her pregnancy to make EJ believe that she was still carrying his child. Nicole then devised a plan to steal Sami's baby. During this time, Sami had moved on to Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering), a police officer assigned to protect Sami from the DiMera family. Once the baby swap was revealed, the drama got even more intense.

Sami and EJ were eventually ripped apart

Upon learning about the baby swap, "Days of Our Lives" fans were stunned to see EJ DiMera kidnap his child, a daughter named Sydney, and fake her death. EJ later brought Sydney home to make himself look like a hero and win Sami back. His plan worked and Sami and EJ grew close yet again, per She Knows Soaps. They even planned another wedding. However, Sami continued to have feelings for Rafe, who eventually outed EJ's scheme. Things went from bad to worse when Sami shot EJ due to her feelings about the situation. EJ later married Nicole and the two fought Sami for custody of their children.


EJ then reformed his ways again and signed over custody of his kids to Sami. He then decided to run against Abe Carver for mayor. Sami and EJ later reconnected. This time they stayed together through many ups and downs. However, all that changed while Sami and EJ were planning yet another wedding. While engaged to Sami, EJ began having an affair with Abigail Deveraux (then Kate Mansi). Sami found out about the affair, and immediately looked to get revenge. She and EJ married and just moments after saying their vows, she had him arrested for tax evasion.

EJ's death and shocking return wasn't enough to keep them together

In 2014, "Days of Our Lives" viewers watched Sami Brady and EJ DiMera take another shot at love together. However, EJ was in a financial crisis because of Sami's revenge scheme. This led him to get into shady business dealings with Clyde Weston. EJ's partnership with Clyde eventually caused him to get shot and killed. Sami was devastated and opted to leave Salem to mourn her late husband (via She Knows Soaps).


Of course, no one is ever really dead in Salem. After EJ's death, his sister Kristen Dimera injected him with Dr. Rolf's resurrection serum. In 2018, Sami finally found EJ alive, although his face was bandaged and he was in bad shape. She took him to Rome for treatment and saved his life. In 2021, Sami and EJ (now played by Dan Feuerriegel) returned to Salem. Their marriage was in crisis, and they two split after Sami cheated on EJ with Lucas. Sami eventually left Salem with Lucas, while EJ began to dive back into the DiMera business.

There's no telling how Sami and EJ's story will end. However, fans have loved the wild ride that has been their romance over the years.