How To Contour Your Boobs

Let's be real — many women want large, voluptuous boobs. And even those who don't desire bigger breasts wouldn't mind their A cups appearing a little fuller and perkier every now and then. Many turn to common cosmetic procedures and surgeries to boost their confidence in the breast region, but what about those who can't afford the high cost or are hesitant about going under the knife? If only there was another way to produce the self-esteem-boosting cleavage you've always dreamed about.

Well, don't just sit there and accept your small or drooping boobs — whip out that makeup bag. There is, in fact, a way of contouring your way to sculpted, bigger breasts in no time using products you may already have and use daily. Even for those who already have perky boobs, contouring the chest is a great way to define your cleavage, and tons of A-list celebs like the Kardashian-Jenner sisters do it (via Cosmopolitan). Now, so can you in a few easy steps.

Outline, highlight, and blend

Beauty YouTuber Laura Lee posted a boob contouring tutorial to her channel in 2015 that garnered a lot of attention from women who wanted to try it out themselves, including Zoe Weiner with Glamour magazine. Weiner shared her results with Glamour readers, and we have to say: The results are pretty impressive. She notes that the breast contouring made her feel incredibly sexy, thanks to the magic of a contour stick and highlighter.

To contour your boobs, start by using a cream contour product that's a few shades darker than your skin tone to outline a half-moon shape above your natural breasts. Keep in mind that the higher you draw the boob-shaped outline, the bigger it will look. After that, draw a line in the center of the chest before adding some horizontal lines on your collarbones for extra definition. Then, take a matte highlighting product a few shades lighter than your skin tone and carve out those contour lines.

Then, using quick circular motions, blend like your life depends on it with a large and dense contour brush. A damp beauty blender or makeup sponge may also help smooth everything out. Apply a loose translucent powder to set your masterpiece in place. For a more dramatic result, deepen the contour with a dark powder, applying it softly on top of where you used the cream product. Add some shimmery highlighter to your boobs and clavicles to make your chest stand out even more.

What not to do when contouring your boobs

Now that you've got the lowdown on boob contouring, let's discuss some things to avoid so that it's not completely obvious you painted your new cleavage on. According to Cosmopolitan, a few of the biggest mistakes people make when contouring include using the incorrect contour shade and going overboard with how much you're using. In natural daylight, it's easy to spot a contour application, so the best thing to do is start light and build as necessary. Remember that you can always add more product, but removing it can be difficult without ruining the entire thing.

When contouring your boobs — or any part of your body, for that matter — it's important to choose the correct contour shade for your skin tone. For those with fair to medium skin, reach for a cooler contour shade (via Byrdie). Skin tones with a tan and olive complexion look great with a warm and golden contour shade, and those with dark skin should opt for deep contour shades with hues of berry and red. Not sure which product is best for you? Luckily, there are several contour kits on the market with a range of shades you can play with to find your perfect match, per Bustle. Perky, defined boobs will be yours in no time!