Novi Brown Of Sistas Explains How Astrology Changed Her Life - Exclusive

Novi Brown is a woman of many interests. Besides her busy acting career, which has spanned everything from theater to TV commercials to her current turn as Sabrina Hollins — one of a group of close-knit, single professional women on the hit BET show "Sistas" — she is a fashion influencer whose Instagram page regularly celebrates her Black heritage. She made a splash at this year's BET awards with her dramatic black gown covered with cowrie shells, an important symbol in some African traditions.

But Brown's drive and vision didn't come out of nowhere. She credits much of her current success to her embrace of astrology, which she discovered at a challenging point in her life. "I got into astrology because I was feeling lost in life. I was like, 'When is it my turn? I don't understand. What am I doing wrong?'" she told The List

Today, she shares her passion for astrology through her YouTube show, "Conversation & Constellations," where she answers fan questions and talks to guests about their personal charts and how those charts impact their lives. In our exclusive interview, she shared how she uses astrology to guide her daily life.

Novi Brown sees astrology as a practical tool for daily life

Novi Brown told The List that astrology has given her a clearer big-picture view of her life. Besides helping her better understand her family dynamics, astrology has helped her recognize the overall theme of her life.

"If you had a trailer for your life, I would be like, 'This is what you will mostly be going through.' Let's say, if you're a Libra, I'll say, 'A lot of your life is going to be about your personal relationships and finding love and seeing what that means to you.' Then you can know, 'Okay, well, when people, places, and things come into my life, this is probably the theme of the information I'm going to get.'"

Brown added that she also uses astrology to guide her everyday choices. "It's also helped me practically. You can use it for workouts; you can use it for learning where you can make money or where you can save certain assets," she said. "You can also use it for networking as well, knowing what your purpose is, knowing where to meet certain people. And you could find it for your love relationships if you really want to know."

Her astrology show, Conversation & Constellations, is moving to TV

Novi Brown's YouTube show on astrology, "Conversation & Constellations," has proven to be a hit within the world of astrology, amassing 35.8 thousand subscribers to date. Her long-form videos cover a range of topics, from finding the right life partner according to your sign to finding your favorite colors to answering her followers' questions about astrology. But the show will soon be moving to an even bigger platform, and she's excited to share its progress.

"'Conversation & Constellations' is actually going to be on the BW Network, which is a streaming platform owned and operated by Black women, content created by Black women," she said. She's clearly pleased to both support and be supported by fellow Black women creators and to see all of her passions brought together in the same platform. "You guys can definitely check out Season 1 there, and Season 2 will be coming out next year," she said.

"Alone in the Dark" is now streaming on Tubi, and new Season 5 episodes of "Sistas" air on BET Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.