General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn Reveals How Seriously Soaps Still Take COVID

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn is best known for her long-running role as Alexis Davis on "General Hospital," but she is also known for sharing her blunt opinions on politics, COVID-19, and other topics. Her outspoken thoughts have often created a tizzy on social media and, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, even caused her to clash with former "GH" co-star Ingo Rademacher. Rademacher was fired from "GH" for not complying with the show's vaccine mandate. Grahn expressed her thankfulness that the actor was let go after also clashing with him over controversial remarks he made (via The Wrap).

Longtime "GH" actor Steve Burton, who first joined the soap in 1991, was also let go for refusing to get vaccinated — citing medical and religious exemptions, which were denied. NewsChannel 12 reported on his departure and referenced Grahn's Twitter post in which she stated that "GH" was the "ONLY Daytime Serial to mandate vaccines" at the time. She also posted her criticism of Burton's reasoning on Twitter. She wrote, "It is other people's business if a person's actions due to their 'beliefs' can directly affect the wellbeing of their loved ones, possibl[y] causing them to get seriously ill or die."

Grahn has continued to call for masks and vaccination for actors and maintains that opinion on social media.

Nancy Lee Grahn continues to support COVID-19 testing

"General Hospital" actress Nancy Lee Grahn recently posted a picture of herself getting tested for COVID-19 on Instagram – with a swab up her nose — saying, "I'm gonna miss this one of these days. In the meantime, [Disney and ABC are] still committed to keeping us safe." 

Her humor didn't go unnoticed, with one fan responding, "I love your politics, and you have a great nose." Someone also wrote, "I swear they need to make an easier test than sticking a mini javelin up our noses."One fan agreed by saying, "That's fantastic. [It] shows [Disney] and [ABC] care about their workers. I wish many other places would do this, especially our schools." There were numerous positive responses as several people related their own experiences with the virus.

A few naysayers chimed in, telling Grahn to "get over it." One fan referenced Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher's firing, writing, "Can't go against the grain or [you] might get fired like you know who. I still can't believe they did that to him. So unhappy about it. I am not a faithful 'GH' fan like I always used to be." 

Despite the occasional backlash, Grahn continues to inform people about her opinions on social media and her website, and her fans can't get enough of her.