Mike Pence's Response To Whether He'll Vote For Trump In 2024 Had The Crowd In Stitches

Mike Pence served as vice president under Donald Trump for four years and often defended the commander in chief, even after their time together in the White House was over (via Bloomberg). Most recently, the Indiana native took to Twitter to express his "concern" over the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, adding, "No former President of the United States has ever been subject to a raid of their personal residence in American history."

Still, the former VP has said he would be open to testifying for the Jan. 6 committee (via CNN). Incidentally, his former boss has not been overly complimentary toward Pence since they left office, even slamming his actions on the day of the insurrection (via Reuters).

Trump also noted his anger toward Pence in not pursuing an avenue to overturn the results of the last general election, saying in an interview earlier this year, ​​"I'm very disappointed in Mike, as a lot of people are." The GOP leader added, "He had a great opportunity and all he had to do was just send it back to the legislatures, let them decide... So I'm very disappointed at the stance he took" (via Newsweek).

Perhaps Pence has finally had enough of standing by his man, because the former veep's unexpected answer to a question about who he'll vote for in 2024 has gotten a lot of attention.

Mike Pence may throw his support behind 'someone else'

According to ABC News, when Mike Pence was asked during a talk at Georgetown University if he would vote for his former boss Donald Trump were the controversial Republican to run again in 2024, the former vice president said, "There might be somebody else I'd prefer more."

Pence didn't specify who he would prefer, but the audience in attendance loved the answer, with folks laughing and applauding openly, as can be heard in a video that was posted to Twitter. The politician appeared to also get a kick out of his response.

The measured former veep added that he has "every confidence" that his party would "sort out leadership." Pence added his current focus is on the upcoming midterm elections, and ultimately left attendees with the cliffhanger that he'd keep everyone up to speed on who he might support for president in 2024.

Of course, Pence's comments sparked speculation that he is planning on running for the top job in the land himself.