How The October 25 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Virgo

Spooky season is in full swing, and the new moon on October 25 may be a scary thought for many members of the zodiac. While new moons usually symbolize rebirth and fresh starts, this particular lunation — which falls in the emotional water sign of Scorpio — is also accompanied by a partial solar eclipse, per Bustle. This means that the new moon could bring some heavy feelings to the surface. In addition, new moons are usually considered a great time to do things such as manifest and set intentions. However, because of the eclipse, it may not be a good idea to do your usual new moon rituals (via PopSugar).

"The best survival tip for this new moon solar eclipse is to allow your life to change as it will," astrologer Noush tells My Imperfect Life. "Holding on to unhealthy patterns, behaviors or situations may only make the eclipse more difficult. Change can be liberating. Whatever we are releasing at the eclipse seems to be helping us on our karmic journey of deep transformation and soul growth," Noush adds.

For those born under the sign of Virgo, the new moon could be a time of great change and caution.

Communication will be important for Virgo during the new moon

If your zodiac sign is Virgo (August 23 to September 22), the new moon on October 25 may find you ready to tackle some of the smaller details in your life. Things such as your schedules and routines may come into play during the lunation. Meanwhile, Virgos will need to be very mindful of their conversations during the time of the new moon (via Bustle). Even the most mundane of interactions could prove to have strong consequences, which could impact your finances, love life, and mental state. These conversations may even lead to some exciting new opportunities, so it will be important to pay attention to what's going on around you so you don't miss any useful information.

Woman and Home notes that words have great power for Virgo during the new moon, and that speaking positively about your goals and aspirations you may just help speak them into existence. While other zodiac signs may be discouraged from manifesting during this particular lunation, Virgo's manifestation ability will be heightened and now could be the time to go after what you want by setting up a plan to achieve your dreams and networking with those you can help you make it happen.

Virgo should tap into their spiritual side during the new moon

According to PopSugar, Virgos may also find themselves feeling confident about their intuition. If you've noticed that you've had psychic abilities in the past, those abilities may be heightened during the new moon on October 25. Listen to your gut and trust your intuition and tap into that spiritual side of yourself. It may prove to be very beneficial going forward. "Now is a great time to receive downloads, but not a great time to act on them," astrologer Desiree Roby Antila tells the outlet. "Invite what comes, and then wait until eclipse season is over to act on it."

Meanwhile, Allure reveals that the lunation may also take a toll on Virgo, causing drama or silly arguments. Because of the chaotic energy that the new moon and eclipse could possibly bring, the outlet suggests taking some time for self-care during the lunation. Engage in activities such as enjoying a bubble bath, reading a good book, curling up with your pet or partner, and getting lots of sleep. It will help you feel recharged and ready to tackle whatever comes next.

It seems that Virgo will have a lot to be mindful of during October's new moon. However, the odds seem to be in their favor.