Virgo Traits, Dating, Friendships, And More Explained

Virgos are people born between August 23 and September 22. These late summer babies are earth signs, meaning they, along with other earth signs like Capricorns and Tauruses, are known to be grounded, stable, pragmatic, logical, dependable, and focused (via Cosmopolitan). These signs are slower to anger than, for instance, fire signs, but if you do finally push an earth sign past their breaking point, they will put you right back in your place with a cool-headed, concise, yet withering speech. Earth signs also love to collect material things that are meaningful to them. Not prone to becoming enamored with luxuries like Leos or Libras, earth signs instead might collect baseball cards, antique teacups, whatever it is that they can put their hands on, organize, and be proud of for its sentimental value. 

Virgos, specifically, are very neat and tidy individuals. Their personal space, especially their homes, will be decorated just so. Again, not luxuriously necessarily, but in a way that perfectly compliments a Virgo's practical and emotional needs at the same time. You're likely to find efficient appliances, streamlined laundry rooms, and organized pantries in a Virgo's home. You're also likely to find a pet in a Virgo's home. They are tender-hearted people with a deep affinity for nature and animals, and connecting with a pet makes them feel a loving connection to nature (via Astrology). Because of their pragmatic and practical nature coupled with their loyalty and deep capacity for affection, Virgos make wonderful friends, confidantes, and partners. A Virgo can always offer practical, kind advice. 

For Virgos, the devil is in the details

Virgos are very caring and detail-oriented. While this makes them wonderful advice-givers, it does come with a downside. Without meaning to, Virgos can become hyper-critical of the people they care about (via Paired Life). Often they feel they know the best way to do something, or the right way to handle a situation, and when they witness a friend or partner operating differently, they may try to "help" in a way that comes off as judgmental. Or, if they have already given you advice about a situation and you didn't immediately take it, they can become impatient and frustrated with you and behave as though it's your own fault for not listening to them sooner.

This can escalate further if you disrupt their well-crafted order, routine, or space. If you live with a Virgo and you keep leaving cups on the counter rather than putting them in the dishwasher, Virgo can become more upset than other signs might find reasonable. However, because Virgos rely heavily on a practical, comfortable, and well-organized life to feel stable, it makes sense that disruptions to that could be more offensive to them than to others. If you are a Virgo or love a Virgo who is feeling snippy and short, get that person outside into nature. Grounding back into their element will help them right themselves again. Also, put the cup away. 

What is it like dating a Virgo?

Because of their practicality and attention to detail, Virgos can make truly wonderful confidantes and partners who will seek to understand everything from your preferred morning routine to how you take your coffee. If you find a Virgo asking a whole bunch of seemingly mundane questions while you are out on a date (like what time you like to wake up in the morning, whether you read, etc.), they are trying to make sense of you the same way they make sense of the world: by paying attention to details (via Cosmopolitan). They are also likely checking for compatibility. As precise and picky and perfectionistic as Virgos are about picking and setting up their homes, their careers, and their lives in general, they are equally precise about picking a partner. 

Unlike fiery Leo or hopelessly romantic Libra, Virgos aren't keen to throw themselves headlong into a whirlwind romance. They tend to follow their heads before allowing their hearts to run away with them. The upside of this is that once they pick you, you can be assured they have truly chosen you, and they are serious about their commitment. They will work hard to make your relationship last and work in harmony once they have decided you are the right fit for them. They are loyal, loving, and attentive, and while they need their space, they will always care how your day was and always remember how you take your tea. 

What is it like to be friends with a Virgo?

Virgos are grounded, loving people. If you are lucky enough to befriend one (meaning they have chosen you to be among their few trusted loved ones), you are likely to have a lifelong companion in them (via Reader's Digest). They value honestly deeply, and so they are likely to always trust you with their truth if you have proven they can. Because they are so detail oriented and practical, Virgo is a great friend to talk with when you are trying to work through something. They have a knack for being able to cut through the haze of emotion and help you to make logical, forthright decisions. 

If you have a life administrating project that you are stuck on, like how to set up your new guest room or how to fit extra shelving into your pantry, a Virgo is likely not only willing to help you, but will be in their element organizing and strategizing. Do be careful not to take advantage of Virgo's naturally giving and healing nature, however; if they feel appreciated, they will always give their all to those they love. But if they feel they are being taken advantage of or lied to, they will be gone at the drop of a hat, probably without a word.  

What are the careers best suited for a Virgo?

Because Virgos are such empathetic listeners, are so well organized, and have excellent communication skills, they thrive in careers that allow them to help others and problem solve (via Monster). As such, you are likely to find Virgos happy in careers as social workers, life coaches, nurses, first responders, veterinary professionals, journalists, and teachers. 

Basically, a Virgo needs to work in a career that allows them to flex both their intelligence and their kindness, while giving them both a greater sense of purpose and opportunity for growth. Any career that seems to stifle their individuality, discourage their caring nature, or actively do harm to people, animals, or the environment would quickly drain the life from a Virgo. They also need to keep their minds occupied; any job that feels mundane or doesn't allow them to be creative and thoughtful will bore them. Instead, they need to be engaged in what they see as moral, purposeful, fulfilling work.   

Who are some famous Virgos?

Showing the versatility of Virgos are several famous Virgo celebs like Blake Lively, who says she throws herself into any project she truly believes in, a very Virgo trait (via Cosmopolitan). Comedian John Mulaney is also a Virgo, which makes sense, as Virgo intelligence does lend itself to a witty, sharp sense of humor. This sense of humor with heart is also demonstrated by another famous Virgo: Amy Poehler. 

Cameron Diaz has showcased Virgo's passion for self-improvement and helping others to do the same by publishing multiple wellness books. Keanu Reeves is famous not just for his acting, but for his incredibly spiritual and magnanimous worldview, which is also common of inherently healing, loving Virgos. Other famous Virgos who embody their sign include Idris Elba, Pink, Bernie Sanders, and even Prince Harry (nothing says sticking-to-your-own-moral-compass like shedding an entire royal family to start a life you believe in, are we right?).