Megan Fox Just Debuted The Perfect Spooky Month Mani

Having a fiancé who has his own nail polish line means you have to step up your already stellar nail art game. Megan Fox is up to the challenge.

Machine Gun Kelly, aka Colson Baker, founded UN/DN LAQR. "[It's] the Willy Wonka of what beauty is to become," he told Allure. Both Baker and Fox are fans of the manicure, and have sported coordinating ones on the red carpet. Brittney Boyce, a celebrity manicurist, shared with Page Six, "They like to match." Boyce did the duo's nails for both their official couple, red carpet debut at the American Music Awards in 2020, as well as for the Billboard Music Awards in 2021.

Fox herself has had several Instagram mani hits. Her LGBTQIA multi-colored nails drew over 3.3 million likes on Instagram, while her lime-green mani with a "business casual Bratz doll" vibe has over 2.3 million admirers. Her most recent creation is causing a stir, too.

The star showed off blood red drip nails

Just in time for Halloween, Megan Fox posted a series of photographs on her Instagram page, revealing the perfect spooky season manicure in the process. Nail artist Brittney Boyce was responsible for this nail look, and also posted several shots of the manicure.

The bed of the nails looks like a classic French manicure, but the tips are decorated with a dark red color. Made to appear as if she dipped her fingers in blood, a solid splash of the red color drips downward, complete with a few random drops. In a tutorial on Cosmopolitan, the outlet suggests using a nail dotter tool to create the dripping effect. "[T]ouch the ball of paint to your nail and gently extend it to the tip of your nail — it should resemble a tear drop."

The manicure, similar to the drip nail trend, along with Fox's wardrobe of a black bustier, invoked memories of her starring role in the horror movie "Jennifer's Body," and her Instagram post even showed her seasonal book choice, "Moon Spells." As for Machine Gun Kelly's reaction to her look, his only comment was on Fox's choice of furniture in the photo: "You've corrupted our swing."