Everything We Know About The Arrest Of Welcome To Plathville Star Kim Plath

Reality TV fans were shocked on October 20 after US Weekly shared the news on the arrest of Kim Plath by tweeting: "#WelcometoPlathville's Kim Plath was arrested for driving under the influence, property damage, and personal injury." What? When fans first met the matriarch of TLC's "Welcome to Plathville," Kim and her husband Barry raised their nine kids with rules that made The Duggars seem progressive. The Plath kids "never had a soda, don't know who Spiderman or Tom Brady is, and have never watched TV," according to TLC. But many "Welcome to Plathville" fans turned against Kim and Barry after the couple grew estranged from their four oldest children.

According to YouTube Vlogger "Without A Crystal Ball," Kim and Barry believed their daughter-in-law Olivia Plath was possessed by evil spirits. The vlogger reported that the Plaths blame Olivia for bringing her "evil" to her husband, Ethan Plath, and siblings Micah and Moriah Plath. And by evil, Kim and Barry meant that Olivia introduced their son to Coca-Cola and let him watch television. By "Welcome to Plathville" Season 2, Ethan and Plath had cut off contact, and teenagers Micah and Moriah had moved out.

It's been a rough year for the Plath family. In June, Kim and Barry Plath shared sad relationship news, announcing they were separating. People reported that the Plaths decided to divorce in July. But here is everything we know about the arrest of Kim, the "Welcome to Plathville" star.

Kim Plath arrest for DUI after horrible car accident

Reality star Kim Plath was arrested for a DUI after a horrible car accident in June. According to TMZ, the "Welcome to Plathville" star was charged with driving under the influence, property damage, and personal injury and turned herself in to authorities on October 20. TMZ noted that the Florida police report stated police got to the accident scene and found Kim's car in a water-filled ditch, with the vehicle upside down. The police took the mom of nine directly to the hospital, where she was treated for her injuries.

Page Six noted that the June accident police report said the 50-year-old Plath "was visibly intoxicated and had the smell of alcohol emanating from her mouth." According to the outlet, Kim was charged with the DUI on September 8 but wasn't served until October 20. Fans did not react kindly to Kim's arrest. A fan tweeted: "Kim Plath got a taste of celebrity and lost her mind. She decided to divorce and now look at her with a DUI arrest. All those rules she hammered into her kids went out the window after she got the TV deal. The 'god of fame' has her." Another viewer tweeted: "It all started with the gym. She was seeing the eye candy and probably had a few compliments, saw her adult kids were living life, and thought she could be 21 again."

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