Kim Plath Reveals Heartbreaking Details About Her Childhood

Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville" has been an eventful one to say the least. Since the TLC reality show began in 2019, fans have witnessed the transformations of almost all nine of the Plath children, and this season doesn't hesitate to take those changes up a notch or two.

"Welcome to Plathville" highlights from the current season include monumental changes in the Plath family, including a reconciliation between patriarch Barry Plath and his son Ethan, a look inside Moriah's life post-break-up, the emotional mend of Ethan and Olivia's marriage, and perhaps most notably, the announcement of Kim and Barry's plan to divorce after more than two decades of marriage. 

Just when viewers thought they couldn't possibly anticipate any further drama or shocking twists, the latest episode showed otherwise. While sitting down for drinks with her second oldest son, Micah, Kim shared a devastating event from her childhood that not only affected her but made her the mom that she is.

Kim Plath reveals she was abused by a babysitter as a child

After four seasons of TLC's hit "Welcome to Plathville," there's no question fans have seen a transformation in Kim Plath, the mama bear of the Plath children. During Season 3, The Sun reported that viewers griped about Kim and Barry's "manipulative" parenting nature, but this season may have just changed their minds on Kim.

According to People, while Kim and Micah were out for drinks, Micah inquired about Kim's parenting techniques. Kim then disclosed that when she was 4 and 5 years old, her mother, who was a single parent, hired a teenage boy to babysit her who abused her. "That played a very large part in me being protective — maybe overprotective — but to me, the risk of not being overprotective enough is so great that I'd rather err on the side of overprotecting than under and have something like that happen," Kim said in regards to her childhood trauma.

This seemingly helped put the pieces together for Micah, who responded in a loving, understanding way towards his mother and her parenting decisions with the new context given. "It gives me more of an understanding of who she is as a person and the way she raised us, the rules she had and the walls she had built," Micah said in a confessional. "It's like a penny-drop moment."