Nancy Pelosi's Comments About Inflation Have Twitter Seeing Red

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has angered a lot of people with her latest comments about inflation. The Democrat from California appeared on "Face The Nation" Sunday and when asked about the "i" word, Pelosi said "we need to change that subject." In a clip of the interview which is going viral on Twitter, the controversial legislator went on to declare that "inflation is a global phenomenon," and claimed that the U.K. has a higher inflation rate than the United States.

She is correct on that fact, with the inflation rate domestically last calculated to be 8.2.%, while across the pond, the United Kingdom is struggling to beat down a rate of over 9% (via CNN).

"The fight is not about inflation, it's about the cost of living," Pelosi, whose husband has also stirred up his fair share of controversy this year, went on to inform viewers, who quickly took to social media to blast the longtime lawmaker.

"​​Nancy Pelosi can afford to ignore inflation, but most voters cannot," one incensed individual tweeted, while someone else tweeted that Americans definitely do not need to stop talking about the highest inflation many of us have seen in a lifetime.

Nancy Pelosi's comments come just weeks before the midterm elections

Following Nancy Pelosi's somewhat tone deaf take on inflation in the U.S., many Twitter users took the opportunity to remind her that with midterm elections coming up, Americans might indeed be changing the subject — to new representatives in the House and Senate.

"Americans DON'T wanna 'change the subject,' when it comes to inflation, they wanna change the leadership, with YOU being first in line!" one such person declared.

Someone else opined that the Speaker was deflecting because Democrats are "responsible" for inflation, an opinion that of course Pelosi doesn't share, having taken to her own Twitter account to blast the GOP for having "no plan" to help Americans with the rising cost of living.

Elsewhere on social media, folks were virtually rolling their eyes after the California representative's inflation comments, noting that she must believe Americans are "stupid" to not understand the relationship between the subject she wants to change, and the cost of living.