How The October 25 Partial Solar Eclipse Will Affect Fire Signs

A solar eclipse happens approximately every six months, and per Forbes, the moon will cover around 82% of the sun during the October 25 eclipse. This partial solar eclipse in Scorpio won't be visible from North America, though there will be some key viewing points spread throughout other continents, per the Almanac. Of course, the planetary movements we can't see can still have a profound impact on our brains, bodies, and hearts, and this partial solar eclipse is no exception.

The last solar eclipse happened in April of this year in Taurus, and it had the most noticeable impact on the zodiac's fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This will also be the case with October's solar eclipse. Per Allure, it doesn't matter if these aren't your sun sign — if they're anywhere in your chart, you could experience noticeable effects of the planetary shift happening in Scorpio. The intensity associated with Scorpio season will escalate during the solar eclipse, and fire signs may feel their natural drive toward success in their relationships and finances ramping up even further.

A powerful solar eclipse has the equivalent energetic influence of several new or full moons put together, so having a new moon on October 25 will be especially significant (via Space). And, much like new moons, Today sees solar eclipses as a fresh start. Fire signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — will need to harness the best of their zodiac sign element to reap the rewards of such a significant celestial event, remembering that the sun's guiding light isn't gone, just simply obscured.

The partial eclipse will affect each sign differently

The first sign of the zodiac, as well as its first fiery member, Aries, will have some major changes in store this eclipse. Per Allure, Aries' spirituality will be in flux, and it will be important for them to tend to deeper matters alongside the ram's typical role as the life of the party. Today notes that Aries will feel especially in touch with their intuition during this eclipse, and that the already powerful fire sign may show off their strength in new ways.

Sagittarius' passions will be ignited throughout October, though Allure warns the archer to focus on fun and stay away from potential drama that could arise around the emotional new moon in Scorpio. Today sees the eclipse as a vital time for Sag to practice self-care, remembering that they can't be there for others without looking after themselves first. Astrology Zone calls eclipses a "wild card," which is no challenge for spontaneous Sag, who is always light on their feet. While being super mutable will be an asset during this tumultuous time, fixed sign Leo may struggle more on October 25.

Mindbodygreen sees Leos needing to share their light with everyone, and since their ruling planet is the sun, they may feel their natural charism hidden under a bushel during the eclipse. However, while the sun isn't the center of attention for once, it might be a good time for Leos to do some inner work while the spotlight isn't on them.

Fire signs will be drawn toward their fates

Nothing excites fire signs more than feeling a sense of fate coming to fruition, and StyleCaster shares the possible rewards of sorting out the past in order to usher in a bright future. Though they might feel the impulse to rush toward this cosmic movement, they will have a few weeks following the eclipse in which they can harness its energy to fuel their next adventures.

Fire signs loathe to admit it, but fear will likely rear its head when dream opportunities start finally becoming real, per the outlet. Though it might feel like everything is coming on quickly, their paths will appear just as they were meant to, and these signs will arrive at their destinations perfectly on time.

StyleCaster also emphasizes that eclipses naturally illuminate what has been hidden in darkness, so it may be the perfect time for fire signs to meet their shadow selves. This may mean addressing the parts of themselves that they keep hidden from the outside world in order to appear strong at all times.

Though the water sign Scorpio may have a reputation for prolonged sadness or emotional overwhelm, fire signs may use its season to get in touch with the feelings they've kept buried for so long. Using the powerful energy of the eclipse, fire signs can associate emotional processing with strength rather than weakness, treating their neglected wounds with care so that they might finally heal. How else will they be ready for what lies ahead?