The Best And Worst Characteristics Of Scorpio

Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21, and truly embody the depth, emotion, and passion of their water sign (via Astrology). They are independent, yet connect deeply to those they choose in a way that makes them unforgettable. Somewhat mysterious, Scorpios are alluring, charismatic, intelligent, and very invested in their dreams and pursuits. Their ruling planet is Pluto, and as such, Scorpios are drawn to the intense, the dark, and the dangerous — no wonder they're recommended to have calming crystals around them. They may appear in control, and they guard their inner worlds and private lives. Only those closest to Scorpios will be allowed into their wild side, but we assure you, they have one. 

Scorpios are highly discerning about everything they commit their energy to, whether that's their career, their friends, or their partners. As such, when they commit, they commit for the long haul. Scorpios are loyal friends and significant others, and they highly value honesty and equal effort. They make passionate and giving lovers, and they will deeply connect with those they trust fully. They will happily engage politely and appropriately with just about everyone, but you won't get past their outer layer unless you show your true colors. Scorpios are also excellent with money — Kris Jenner is a Scorpio, need we say more — and when they set their sights on a financial or career goal, they get there. They're driven and powerful without being overbearing or in-your-face. 

What are the more difficult aspects of the Scorpio personality?

All that passion and all those high standards can sometimes translate into challenges for our Scorpio friends. While loyal and loving, Scorpios really don't do betrayal (via Cosmopolitan). If you cross a Scorpio who trusted you, you're done. They're known to hold grudges, and while they don't tend to have quick tempers like the fire signs, they can let their simmering anger make them cold in future dealings with you. Forgiveness isn't their strong suit, but this isn't because they are unfeeling — they are among the most sensitive of the signs, and this behavior is more often than not for self-protection. 

Another hurdle Scorpios can sometimes bump up against is being accused of having controlling behavior. Because Scorpios feel so passionately about their partners, they expect to be exposed deeply to every facet of their significant other's mind, heart, and life, even though they aren't always so quick to open up themselves. This inequity can come across as unfair, but honestly, what person hasn't wanted to know everything about their partner before? Many Scorpios don't intend to control, but can over-obsess in a way that makes their love feel overbearing at times. 

Having open and honest conversations with Scorpios is usually all it takes to start a healthy dialogue about finding better balance, as this sign typically partners up with people they truly respect and care about. At the end of the day, they don't want to hurt or lose the people closest to them.