Scorpio Traits, Dating, Friendship And More Explained

Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21, and truly embody the depth, emotion, and passion of their element: water (via Astrology). They are independent, yet connect deeply to those they choose in a way that makes them unforgettable. Somewhat mysterious, Scorpios are alluring, charismatic, intelligent, and very invested in their dreams and pursuits. Their ruling planet is Pluto, and as such, Scorpios are drawn to the intense, the dark, and the dangerous — no wonder they're recommended to have calming crystals around them. They may appear in control, and they guard their inner worlds and private lives. Only those closest to Scorpios will be allowed into their wild side, but we assure you, they have one. 

Scorpios are highly discerning about everything they commit their energy to, whether that's their career, their friends, or their partners. As such, when they commit, they commit for the long haul. They are loyal, impassioned people, but you don't want to land on their bad side. 

What are the more difficult aspects of the Scorpio personality?

All that passion and all those high standards can sometimes translate into challenges for Scorpios. While loyal and loving, Scorpios really don't do betrayal (via Cosmopolitan). If you cross a Scorpio who trusted you, you're done. They're known to hold grudges, and while they don't tend to have quick tempers like the fire signs, they can let their simmering anger make them cold in future dealings with you. Forgiveness isn't their strong suit, but this isn't because they are unfeeling — they are among the most sensitive of the signs, and this behavior is more often than not for self-protection. 

Another hurdle Scorpios can sometimes bump up against is being accused of having controlling behavior. Because Scorpios feel so passionately about their partners, friends, and careers, they expect to be afforded that same level of passion and commitment. They also have pretty specific ideas about what that should look like where it comes to colleagues, friends, and lovers, and so this specificity can sometimes feel like controlling behavior to those around them. Many Scorpios don't intend to control, but can over-obsess in a way that makes them feel overbearing sometimes. 

Having open and honest conversations with Scorpios is usually all it takes to start a healthy dialogue about finding better balance. At the end of the day, they don't want to hurt or lose the people closest to them. 

What is it like dating a Scorpio?

We've mentioned Scorpios are passionate and intense, and that goes double where it comes to romance (via Vogue). They will take a long time before choosing a mate, as they invest deeply and heavily in the people they choose. But once you've partnered up with a Scorpio, get ready for a wildly passionate ride. They will want to learn every little thing about you, even the dark dusty corners you don't like to show people. They will also share their darkest, deepest selves with you. 

In the bedroom, Scorpios are known to be uninhibited and giving, so you shouldn't be afraid of expressing yourself fully and honestly where it comes to sensuality. This water sign is also deeply loyal and expects the same in return; they highly value honesty and equal effort. The fastest way to cause issues in your relationship is to lie or hide things from your Scorpio. They will be deeply hurt by this and can be very cold when they've been injured.  

Scorpios are driven to make every part of their lives exactly what they want it to be, and that includes their relationships. They will work hard to make it work with you as long as they feel you are willing to match their efforts. 

What is it like to be friends with a Scorpio?

Scorpios make loyal, loving, trustworthy friends (via YourTango). You can always count on them to have a deep conversation with you, whether you are trying to figure out how you feel about a recent date or are contemplating a new career or a major move. Their circles tend to be small, as they only feel certain people are truly worth investing their love, trust, and energy into. But once they've let you into their circle, you will be hard pressed to find a better friend. 

They will always communicate with you honestly and directly, and they will always stick up for you, protect you, and be on your side, whether you are with them in person or not. Scorpios are generous with their time, their love, and their resources where it comes to those they love most, and they will always remember your birthday and other important events. 

As with any other situation, the fastest way to get on your Scorpio friend's bad side is to lie or to be dishonest or disloyal. Talk about them behind their back or show that you aren't willing to be as invested in the friendship as they are, and you are likely to find yourself on the outside looking in pretty quickly.  

What careers are best suited to Scorpios?

Scorpios are passionate, intelligent people, and they need careers that speak to their natures (via Monster). Because Scorpios are intensely driven, committed, caring, and invested in the truth, they make great lawyers. They also make for excelled psychologists or counsellors, as they are good listeners, intuitive, and caring, and can give excellent, practical advice. 

Similarly, Scorpios would thrive as real estate agents, as their drive and ambition coupled with their way with people would help them succeed and find fulfillment in this venture. Because they tend to care deeply about the power of physical touch, they would also make great massage therapists. Scorpios can also excel in high-pressure corporate positions like bankers, as they are known to be excellent with money and very difficult to fluster. 

Scorpios would likely not be happy in jobs that don't help them reach their personal goals. They have a clear vision of what they want their lives to be, and they take it seriously. They don't have time to mess around with anything or anyone that doesn't directly correlate with their chosen path to what they define as success.  

Who are some famous Scorpios?

There are several famous Scorpios who embody that commitment to their careers and the way they've envisioned success for themselves. Julia Roberts is a Scorpio, as are Whoopie Goldberg and Drake (via Glamour). Kris Jenner is also a Scorpio, and boy does that make sense! She's intense, she's driven, and she's so good with money and with creating the life she imagines that she has made her entire family into an empire. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is also a Scorpio, and the intensity of his performances demonstrate that famous Scorpio passion. Sean "Diddy" Combs was born under the sign of the scorpio, as were "The Notebook" costars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. 

Katy Perry and Gabrielle Union both claim this water sign as their own, as do Meg Ryan, Frank Ocean, and Anne Hathaway. Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Willow Smith, and Matthew McConaughey round out this list of intensely talented, long-standing performers who do their water sign and its famous traits proud.