The Young And The Restless Star Sharon Case On The One Thing Her Character Should Apologize For

Sharon Case has dazzled fans as Sharon Newman on "The Young and the Restless" since 1994. Whether a good girl next door or a villain lying and scheming her way through life, Sharon has done it all for nearly three decades. Lately, she's been a sounding board for the citizens of Genoa City looking for a listening ear, but Sharon wasn't afraid to roll in the mud in previous years (via Soap Central).

Sharon has played dirty when needed, leading to multiple lies involving the paternity of infant children. In one instance, she switched the results of Summer Newman's (then Hunter King) paternity test, allowing her to believe that Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) was her biological father, not Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). In another situation, Sharon refused to tell Nick that her son was actually his son Christian. Even though she, too, was under a false assumption at the beginning, she went to great lengths to avoid revealing the truth once she knew (via Soaps In Depth).

Some of Sharon's past misdeeds appear unforgivable, but somehow she's managed to overcome all of them and win the love and adoration of everyone in town. However, despite all of the things Sharon has done in the past, such as setting Victor Newman's (Eric Braeden) ranch on fire and every lie, scheme, and coverup, there's still only one thing her portrayer wants her to issue an apology for: Victor Newman's marriage to Sharon

Sharon Case wishes her character could apologize to Victor

Sharon's relationship history on "The Young and the Restless" is complicated, to say the least, and the decision to couple her with Victor Newman was arguably one of the worst decisions in the show's long-tenured history. It was difficult for the characters, especially Sharon, to recover from the mismatched union. However, per Soaps, in a recent interview, actress Sharon Case spoke about the ill-fated relationship with Victor, saying Sharon owes him an apology. She said, "Obviously, a lot of drama between them ensued after that," adding, "Sharon married Tucker because she was covering up that Victor was alive ... so she could take over Newman Enterprises."

Case also touched on the specifics of her character's wrongdoings to Victor, saying, "It was odd that he and Sharon never resolved what was between them and then she burned the ranch down. I think Sharon would want to say sorry for that." Things are a bit better now between Sharon and Victor, but fans have never seen an on-screen resolution between them. Case spoke about that in the interview, revealing, "They've had some nice moments together where it seems that they may have patched things up, or they've grown beyond that. But they have never had a scene where she gave him a heartfelt apology."

With the 50th anniversary of "Y&R" currently taking place, perhaps the show's writers will revisit iconic storylines like this one, and give the fans the resolution they have wished for (via Soaps In Depth).