A Look At Sharon's Relationship History On The Young And The Restless

Known as "Queen Sharon" in social media circles for her longevity on "The Young and the Restless," Sharon Collins is a feisty heroine who causes drama but always does it with a good heart. Sharon Case began playing a teenage Sharon Collins in 1994 and has been bringing her to life ever since. And while Sharon is a rare character who remained married to the same man for more than a decade, nearly 30 years on a soap will give you a decent number of love interests. Some were fleeting, some lasted longer, and many fans believe Sharon will eventually end up where she started — with high school sweetheart Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow).


As of this writing, Sharon has managed to stay married to a man for a little over a year now, which is quite a soap opera accomplishment. But who else has Sharon been married to over the decades and who else caught her fancy despite her not having a moment of wedded bliss with them?

Sharon dated Matt Clark and fell for Nick Newman

When Sharon first arrived in Genoa City as a high school senior, she began dating Matt Clark (Eddie Cibrian), but couldn't get Nicholas Newman out of her mind and he couldn't get her out his mind. Eventually, Sharon broke up with Matt to date Nick and the two fell so much in love that they insisted on getting married right out of high school, much to Nick's mother, Nikki Newman's (Melody Thomas Scott) chagrin.


After Sharon became pregnant and gave birth to her and Nick's son, Noah (played as an adult by Rory Gibson), prematurely, her old friend Grace Turner (Jennifer Gareis) arrived in town with a secret. Nick finally learned that before Sharon moved to Genoa City, she had given birth to a baby girl she placed up for adoption. Grace was determined to find the child and bring her to Sharon in case she lost her son. It turned out Cassie's (Camryn Grimes) adoptive mom was happy to give her up, and Nick and Sharon ended up raising her legally as their own, along with Noah who lived.

Sure, Sharon had a few affairs, first with Diego Gutierrez (Diego Serrano) and then Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby). Still, she and Nick managed to keep it together until a teenage Cassie was killed in a car accident when she took the wheel without a license to drive for a drunk Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei).


Tragedy led Sharon to more men

That tragic loss of their daughter ruined Nick and Sharon's happy marriage for good, but that didn't mean they weren't destined for more romance. Nick and Sharon divorced after she learned he had an affair with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), Daniel's mother, and became pregnant. Sharon was on her own now raising her son, Noah, and was also ripe for romance.


Sharon dated a list of popular Genoa City men, including Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), but none of those brief relationships worked out. She even shared a night with Nick that led to the birth of their daughter, Faith (played as a teen by Reylynn Caster). However, it was Nick's half-brother, Adam Newman (then played by Michael Muhney, now Mark Grossman), who caught Sharon's eye and the pair briefly married. Keeping it in the family, Sharon also married Nick's dad, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), twice, but neither of those unions lasted.

Sharon found love with Nikki's other son

Just like Sharon, Nikki had also given birth as a teen and gave the child up. He arrived on the Genoa City scene as an adult named Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). After almost marrying Nick again, they broke up and Sharon and Dylan fell madly in love and married when she became pregnant. However, when she miscarried the baby, she didn't tell Dylan thinking she could get pregnant again without him knowing. Sharon also knew that at this point she needed some mental health help, as she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years earlier. When Sharon checked herself into a hospital, her crazed doctor convinced her she was pregnant and had given birth to a boy she and Dylan named Sully.


Sharon eventually learned Sully really belonged to Nick and his new wife, Sage (Kelly Sullivan), but told nobody until Sage figured it out and was killed in a car accident moments later. Sharon eventually gave the baby back to Nick; although it was also revealed that a presumed-dead Adam was his biological father. After the Sully situation, Dylan, a cop, was forced to leave Sharon and go into the witness protection program, leaving her all alone.

Sharon had a fling, reunited with Nick, and found love all over again

After a fling with Scotty Grainger (Daniel Hall), Sharon started spending more time with Nick and they realized they were still in love. They got all the way to the altar when Sharon learned that Nick had a one-night stand with Phyllis, the mother of his daughter, Summer (Hunter King). Sharon dumped Nick and pursued a relationship with police detective Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). However, she didn't realize what a jealous man Rey was until Adam Newman turned up alive and Sharon was drawn to him again.


However, it was Rey and Nick who were both there for her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment. After she was cancer-free, Sharon decided Rey was the right man for her and married him on New Year's Eve as 2020 turned into 2021. Sharon and Rey remain married as of this writing, but Nick is no longer with Phyllis and hangs around Sharon and the coffee shop she owns a lot. As for Sharon, she often can't take her eyes off him.