TikTok Stands Divided Over Prince William's Unique Laugh

Prince William has long been considered one of the top three most popular royals, along with the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry (via British Heritage). Could a new video of the Prince of Wales giggling while seemingly not knowing he's being filmed hold the answer as to why?

The revealing moment played out when Prince William was visiting a school and asked a young student if he enjoys it there. When the child answered, "Erm, not really," what else is there to do other than laugh, either like a child yourself, or a creep, depending on who you ask. Indeed, a viral TikTok featuring the Prince of Wales may confirm some royal fans' love for the heir to the throne, while simultaneously haunting the dreams of others.

Combing through the thousands of comments to the short clip of William tittering upon hearing the young boy's honest response, it's clear the candid moment garnered a very divided response. Many observers found the laugh "adorable," with one commenter saying about the royal dad of three, "he's like a big kid here himself." "That's our late Queen Elizabeth's laugh he's inherited right there," reminisced another fan.

But not everyone found something to love about the Prince of Wales' "off-script" giggle.

Is Prince William adorable or Mr. Burns-like?

It's always fun seeing a royal family member do something informal, from the time we fawned over the Princess of Wales asking to hold a tarantula, to little Prince Louis of Wales unyieldingly stealing the spotlight at his great-grandmother's Platinum Jubilee festivities.

Now, a viral TikTok of the very distinctive laugh of the future king of England has some royal fans loving the relatable royal even more. Not so on the other side of the aisle, as creeped out commenters seemed to unanimously agree the Prince of Wales was serving up Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons" given his posture. Another commenter noted about the candid moment, "it's giving evil professor vibes." 

In the end, reactions to a simple unscripted incident ranged from finding William's snicker endearing to nightmare-inducing. We're on the side of thinking it's pure fun to see someone who usually has to appear so composed, let loose a bit!