Copy Addison Rae's Casual-Chic Pilates Fit On A Budget

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Addison Rae is the definition of mega influencer. With nearly 90 million followers on TikTok and counting, the 22-year-old star earns tens of thousands of dollars for each sponsored post, earning her the app's No. 4 highest-paid creator, per Hopper. Rae got her start on the app in 2019, Insider reported. Like many creators of her era — way, way back before the Pandemic — she posted dances and lip-syncs. 

By late 2019, Rae joined what was known as the "Hype House," a group of young creators and collaborators including Charli D'Amelio, Thomas Petrou, and Chase Hudson. By 2020, she achieved mainstream status, signing with a talent agency, appearing on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," and even landing a multimillion-dollar contract with Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rae even has her own beauty and skincare line, ITEM Beauty, officially joining the ranks of celebrities with cosmetic brands.

The influencer is also somewhat of a fashion influencer, having just attended her first fashion week (via Vogue). One of her stand-out looks, a casual-chic bodysuit fit with a pop of color, is perfect for the pilates studio or a quick coffee break. Hoping to emulate Addison Rae's style without a multimillion-dollar salary? Here's how to copy the TikToker's pilates outfit on a budget.

The bodysuit

This piece may be simple, but it's the most important part of Addison Rae's workout ensemble. The influencer wore a skin-tight strappy onesie from Alo Yoga, perfect for staying cool during a morning pilates class in West Hollywood or (alternatively) grabbing a coffee on the go. Though the Alosoft suns out onesie retails for $128, you can snag a dupe on Amazon for just $25.99. Sure, the Amazon copy doesn't advertise an Alo logo, but it will support your curves during a relaxed yoga session or show off your figure while you run errands. Considering its simplicity, you can also copy Addison Rae by pairing the bodysuit with clever pops of color.

The headband

Hoping to find a copy of Addison Rae's chunky red headband? Look no further than Etsy. Listed for just $13.49 is a red velvet plush vintage headband that perfectly matches the famous TikToker's. Best of all, it comes with stellar reviews, earning a total of 4.3 out of 5 stars on the site. Though it may not stay in place during a fast-paced workout, it will certainly elevate your outfit during a post-class stroll. With this, you'll be looking your absolute best when the paparazzi inevitably snap a picture.

The sunglasses

It's official. '90s fashion is making a comeback. In her recent pilates fit, Addison Rae pays homage to the likes of Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix" and Julia Roberts in "Notting Hill," dawning chic '90s-inspired sunglasses. To find a copy of the celeb's oval frames and brown mirror lenses, check out Etsy. For just $15, you can buy yourself a pair of classy vintage sunglasses to easily elevate your workout look. Plus, it's always smart to protect your eyes from UV rays, especially if you live in sunny California like Addison Rae.

The bag

To match her chunky red headband, Addison Rae wears a minimalist red handbag over her shoulder. To find a similar purse to complete your outfit, check out Amazon. For just $17.99, match your new red headband with a faux leather crossbody bag. With adjustable shoulder straps, you can sport this accessory up high like Rae, or down by your waist. If you're not interested in carrying a big purse around during a day of errands or a trip to pilates class, this is the bag for you — and you can't go wrong with over 1,700 five-star ratings on amazon.

The shoes

Finally, if you're looking to replicate the "He's All That" star's look down to the feet, no need to shop for Prada's platform oxfords. Asos offers a nearly-identical shoe at just a fraction of the price. To fully embody Addison Rae's style, pair your new black oxfords with white crew socks — the colors will contrast, making sure your chunky platforms really pop. Of course, you'll have to bring along another pair of workout sneakers if you're really going to a pilates class.