Hype House Season 1: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

TikTok has taken over our lives for the past couple of years. Sure, it's entertaining and exceedingly addictive, but it's not all cute pet videos and cry-laughing content. For many of us, it's simply an online destination to scroll through and fall down random rabbit holes, and for others, it's been a life-changing new career path.

With every fun new social media app comes a slew of brand new Influencers and content creators that make it big. Even so, TikTok has taken things to a whole new level with creators like Addison Rae even bagging an invite to the prestigious MET Gala (via Teen Vogue). From Charli D'Amelio to Bryce Hall and Noah Beck, the influx of new popular personalities came with a brand new trend — content creator houses (via Insider). Viral TikTok stars began moving into shared mansions together where they could film videos together and seemingly throw parties all day long (via Fashion Magazine). Reminiscent of the infamous Jake Paul Team 10 house, these shared living spaces come with their own drama (via The New York Times). So much so, that one of the biggest TikTok content houses managed to land themselves a Netflix show. Here's everything we know about "Hype House."

When will Hype House begin streaming?

While everyone emerges from their "Selling Sunset" coma, it's time to get excited for a brand new Netflix reality TV show that's guaranteed to be binge-worthy. Instead of scrolling endlessly through TikTok to see your favorite creators, Netflix have now decided to give fans what they want with a new reality TV show focused entirely on some of the most popular TikTok creators that all reside in the same home — *cough* mansion. 

"Hype House" was announced, of course, on TikTok on April 22, 2021 by the Hype House group themselves where they teased the new deal. On December 25, Netflix finally decided to give fans a little Christmas gift by dropping the official trailer of the upcoming show (via PopSugar). In the trailer, fans finally got the release date they'd been eagerly awaiting and it seems like they aren't in for that long of a wait with the show launching on January 7, 2022 (via Netflix). 

Who lives in the Hype House?

It seems the TikTok world will finally infiltrate the streaming service, with Netflix's very first reality TV show focusing on the lives of TikTok stars. While Hulu already released "The D'Amelio Show," focusing on the lives of viral sisters Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Netflix is entering the chat with their own take (via Decider). "Hype House" will focus on a total of nine TikTok creators who each have their own huge fan bases. 

Since its start in December 2019, the Hype House has already seen many members come and go. However, the Netflix series will only feature the current members of the house: Kouvr Annon, Nikita Dragun, Chase Hudson, Larray Merritt, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, Vinnie Hacker, Mia Hayward, and Jack Wright (via Insider). Netflix teased how the creators "will star in a new unscripted series that will reveal a side of themselves (and their relationships) that we rarely see!"

What drama will unfold in the house?

The cast announced for "Hype House" already has had mixed reviews. A majority of the members have even had their own fair share of scandals and cancellations, which makes them somewhat polarizing (via Glamour). Whether you love them or love to hate them, "Hype House" does offer up an interesting insight into the lives of this generation's form of influencers. 

The trailer promises to show a transparent take on the lives of TikTok fan favorites including their backgrounds and current day dramas. With Alex Warren opening up about his homeless past and Nikita Dragun sharing a look into what it's like to be a trans content creator, according to Netflix, the series definitely appears to have some depth to it. Of course, addressing fun relationship rumors is also promised with an insight into the infamous Chase Hudson and Vinnie Hacker's dating whims that fans are dying for answers to. 

The description for "Hype House" really sums it up perfectly: "From humble beginnings to overnight fame, these are the stories of the most popular personalities on social media as they come into their own, fall in love, and tackle the next stage of their lives" (via E! Online).