All The Crown Stars Who Have Received Honors From The Real Royal Family

Netflix's hit series "The Crown" is back for its fifth season on November 9. Following the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, the popular show has seen a surge in viewers, as reported by The Guardian. The show is centered around the story of the queen's life across several decades, so it's no surprise that many tuned in to the show after she had passed away.

However, the latest season is receiving backlash. So much so, in fact, that a friend of Queen Elizabeth spoke out against Season 5 (per Insider). The new episodes are set to tell the story of King Charles III and Princess Diana's dramatic end to their marriage. The friend of the queen made a statement regarding the upcoming premiere.

"I'm horrified by what is going on with Netflix and how they are vilifying the royal family," the anonymous friend said. "It is vicious. It's as if they're trying to destroy the royal family. It would have destroyed her."

Although the show has endured backlash from the royal family, some members of the cast were awarded top honors from the royal family throughout the years, even though the drama it caused.

Several The Crown stars have been awarded honors over the years

While "The Crown” has faced backlash from fans of the royal family before, Season 5 has sparked controversy like never before. According to Vogue, the issues surrounding the upcoming season hit a bit different following the recent passing of the queen, as well as dealing with such a sensitive topic — the marriage troubles between King Charles III and Princess Diana.

Although there have been mostly negative feelings towards the upcoming debut of "The Crown" Season 5, members of the cast have been awarded top honors from the royal family, the Daily Mail reports.

Imelda Staunton, the actress who portrays the queen, was given the title of Commander of the British Empire (CBE) from William, Prince of Wales. Jonathan Pryce, who takes on the role of Prince Phillip, was given knighthood from the queen before her passing. The show's creator, Peter Morgan, and Lesley Manville, who plays Princess Margaret, were also awarded CBE. These awards were given between 2015 and 2021, the Daily Mail noted.