76% Of People Think This Royal Has The Best Beauty Routine - The List Survey

Building the right beauty routine for your skin often takes a lifetime. Between changing trends and new and improved products, figuring out what works best for you can be a serious struggle. One of the smartest ways to discover new beauty hacks is to learn from the people you are inspired by most. And who is more inspiring than a real-life royal? 

The royal family has long been admired for their timeless fashion sense and glowing skin. In this day and age, we can see some of the most beautiful princesses and queens in history while casually scrolling through Instagram looking for ideas. To find out which royal has the best beauty routine, though, The List took to YouTube, asking fans, "Which royal's beauty routine would you most want to steal?" 

With a whopping 76,000 votes in our survey, one royal stands out among the rest as the resident beauty guru of the family. And, before you start feeling bad about stealing a royal beauty routine, remember: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Voters love this princess's natural beauty

Considering the strict beauty rules royals are forced to follow, they must have unlocked the secrets to a flawless and elevated regimen along the way. According to The List's survey, the royal with the most admired beauty routine is undoubtedly Kate Middleton. With a whopping 76% of the vote, the new Princess of Wales is beloved for her simple yet stunning beauty, inside and out. 

One commenter on our YouTube survey said, "The Princess of Wales, Catherine always looks so put together, natural and her inside beauty shines outwardly. Stunning." For those who are dying for the gorgeous royal's how-to guide, The List also discovered Kate Middleton's beauty routine — and it's simpler than you think!

In second place with 6% of the vote is the American beauty herself, Meghan Markle. One fan shared, "Meghan is my top choice for her natural look and freckles, plus she has pretty eyes." The Duchess of Sussex has been turning heads thanks to her breathtaking looks ever since she joined the family back in 2018.

Another 5% of voters prefer the beauty routine of Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips. One voter mentioned that Tindall's routine seems easily manageable for us commoners, noting, "Zara's would be in my budget, with the lowest maintenance. Plus she is gorgeous. Don't underestimate Zara."

Sisters Princess Beatrice (2%) and Princess Eugenie (1%) also received some love from voters, proving that the royal family is full of natural beauties.

How to care for your skin like a royal

As every royal likely knows, the real key to a flawless beauty routine is achieving healthy skin underneath. If you're longing for royally perfect skin, look no further than Buckingham Palace for your next skincare regimen. The women of the royal family may have unlocked the secrets to the perfectly natural, dewy look. While we may not be able to find a royal "get ready with me" video anywhere online, for obvious reasons, over the years they've shared a few tips and tricks that we all can integrate into our own routines.

Vogue notes achieving Meghan Markle's natural glow is less about the products and more about the produce. She swears that snacking on almonds has given her the gift of perfect skin, thanks to including vitamins E and Zinc in her diet. If you're looking to treat yourself with a facial fit for a princess, try asking your esthetician for a bee venom treatment. Kate Middleton received one of these stinging facials just days before her wedding to boost collagen levels and evidently, it worked — she looked completely flawless (via Byrdie).

For a royal cream recommendation, look no further than the queen herself. Even at the age of 96, the late Queen Elizabeth II had beautifully clear skin. Per GoodToKnow, the queen's secret to skincare was "moisturizing twice a day with a layer of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream" and "drinking plenty of water." Happily, we can do both.