Erin Metz

Los Angeles, CA
California State University, San Bernardino, National University
Entertainment, Women’s Wellness, Music
  • Erin is a member of The List News team.
  • She is an award-winning writer, with works ranging from published articles to produced screenplays. In 2020, Erin wrote, illustrated, and published her first book, “The Adventures of Jumping Jimmy” (available on Amazon) based on bedtime stories her dad would tell her and her siblings when they were young.
  • Fun fact: When she’s not writing, she is singing! Erin has a long career as a musician and performer, famously one of The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s national anthem singers.


Erin’s career as a professional writer began over five years ago, with titles ranging from writer to editor to director and more. While working towards her bachelor’s degree, she was a lead editor for The Pacific Review, an esteemed literary magazine in Southern California. She then freelanced as an editor and copywriter, helping publish novels and scripts for up and coming writers. After obtaining her master’s degree, Erin began her career as an educator, bringing theater, art, and writing to low-income high schools. Now, she is thrilled to write for The List, researching and reporting on topics ranging from women’s health to pop culture, and everything in between.


Erin has her undergraduate degree from California State University, San Bernardino where she specialized in Creative Writing and Literature. She then obtained her masters at National University, with multiple specializations including writing, composition, and social-emotional learning.
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