The HGTV Show You Should Watch If You're A Gemini

One excellent aspect of the whimsical Gemini is that people belonging to this sign enjoy a wide variety of entertaining activities. While more rigid zodiac signs often prefer sticking to only one or two favorite hobbies, Geminis like exploring different pastimes for fun. They love going out and spending time with people, but sometimes they just want to read or spend time outside (via YourTango).

A Gemini usually isn't afraid of participating in controversial activities, such as trying an adult toy, as one trait that Geminis typically all share is an open-minded attitude. According to Bustle, Geminis are arguably one of the most open-minded signs of them all. So, people belonging to this astrological sign tend to be open to watching different genres of movies and TV shows, including HGTV shows. While Geminis will likely give any of these intriguing and informational shows a chance, we know which would be the best fit for them.

Geminis will likely enjoy watching Property Brothers

According to Entity, Geminis should try watching "Property Brothers," because this HGTV show not only has funny moments, but the people on the show communicate well with each other. Born between May 21 and June 20, people belonging to the Gemini sign have a penchant for humor and typically thrive when it comes to communication (via Co-Star Astrology). "I find they have a really great sense of humor, and they don't take themselves too seriously," Colin Bedell, an astrologer and author who belongs to the Gemini sign, told Well + Good. The two "property brothers" often engage in hilarious, clever banter while getting work done — as evidenced by YouTube – and Geminis will likely appreciate those comedic moments.

Furthermore, Geminis are usually naturally curious people (via Allure), so they should enjoy watching the duo transform homes for the better. According to YouTube, the two men have significantly changed homes and improved people's lives in the process, making their home-related dreams come true. Although some other signs would probably want to cut to that exciting part of the show, curious Geminis will appreciate seeing the process of how it all happens.

They'll appreciate that the show centers on twins

A set of twins — the Dioscuri named Castor and Pollux — symbolizes the Gemini sign, per The Old Farmer's Almanac, so people belonging to this sign should feel an instant connection to anything related to twins. According to HGTV, Drew and Jonathan Scott — the stars of "Property Brothers" — are identical twins, and believe it or not, their parents didn't know that there would be a twin until the duo was born. 

While Jonathan is the contractor and Drew handles the real estate (via Showbiz CheatSheet), the two brothers are very close on and off-screen. "Jonathan and I are outspoken. If there's something that's bothering us we just say it, deal with it, and move on," Drew Scott told Glamour. Jonathan agreed, saying, "We call it a no B.S. Policy. Anything we're thinking, whether it's negative or positive, we just get it out so it's out." That honest, open mindset helps the twins stay on the same page. So, not only does "Property Brothers" star a pair of twins, but those twins are excellent communicators; it's a win-win for Geminis!