How Days Of Our Lives' Kristen Almost Became Brady's Mother When He Was A Toddler

Some "Days of Our Lives" characters are lucky enough to find their soulmates early in life, like Bo and Hope Brady, Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady, and John Black and Marlena Evans. However, others have failed love lives, like Rafe Hernandez or Tripp Johnson. Of course, one person who has been very unlucky in love is the character of Brady Black (Eric Martsolf). Over the years, viewers have watched Brady jump from relationship to relationship with not much to show for it, per Soaps.

Brady has loved many women during his time in Salem, and one of his first was Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin). Brady and Chloe met when they were young and their relationship took off. The couple eventually married and moved to Vienna together. However, they later divorced after Brady developed addiction issues. Brady has also had multiple romantic flings with Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker), but the couple continues to find that they're better off as friends (via Soap Central). The character has also been involved with the likes of Arianna Hernandez, Melanie Jonas, Eve Donovan, and Madison James over the years. He was also married to Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley) and shares a son named Tate with her.

However, Brady's twisted relationship with Kristen DiMera still doesn't sit right with many "Days of Our Lives" fans.

Brady and Kristen's twisted history

"Days of Our Lives" fans know that Brady Black and Kristen DiMera have a wild history together. They first became intimate after Kristen (then Eileen Davidson) returned to Salem and schemed to get Brady to fall in love with her, per Soap Central. Later, when Brady was injured, Kristen sat at his bedside and helped nurse him back to health. The couple began dating and even got engaged. However, their relationship crumbled at the altar when it was revealed that Kristen had drugged Brady's step-brother, Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan), and assaulted him. Brady was furious and dumped Kristen then and there.

However, Kristen was still in love with Brady and wanted to stop at nothing to get him back. When Kristen found out that Brady had gotten Theresa Donovan pregnant, she drugged and kidnapped Theresa in order to steal the embryo from her body and have it implanted into her own womb, per Soaps. Kristen then left town, where she carried and gave birth to the couple's son, Tate.

Even after all of that, Brady and Kristen (now Stacy Haiduk) still reunited years later and welcomed their own child together, daughter Rachel, before inevitably calling it quits again. However, Brady and Kristen's history goes back much further than their adult romances.

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Kristen was once engaged to Brady's father

One of the most entertaining "Days of Our Lives" storylines of the '90s was the relationship between Kristen Dimera and John Black (Drake Hogestyn). That's right, back when Brady was a young child, Kristen was an adult who was actually engaged to be married to his father (via Soap Central). Kristen and John had a very serious relationship, and Kristen even pretended to be pregnant with their child, all the while using her look alike Susan Banks to bring the baby that would become EJ DiMera into the world, per Soaps.

However, Susan went rogue, and Kristen's plans to deceive John and raise little EJ as her own son were exposed. John found out that Kristen had not only lied to him about the pregnancy, but that she had also kidnapped the love of his life, Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), and held her hostage to keep her from coming between them (via Soaps in Depth).

Although John and Kristen never officially got married, their romance was hot and heavy for quite a while, and she was very close to becoming Brady's stepmother. Things may have turned out very differently for Brady and Kristen if her plans would have come to fruition. Instead, years later, Kristen brought even more drama into Brady's life, and she continues to be a source of pain and stress for him.