The Lifetime Movie You Should Watch If You're A Gemini

Calling all Geminis! How many times have you been labeled as fake, two-faced, or untrustworthy because your air sign is often misinterpreted as such? According to Allure, Geminis naturally possess an "intrinsic duality," which often makes those around them skeptical of their true intentions. To make matters worse, the celestial symbol representing the Gemini zodiac sign is the twins — and if that doesn't scream two-faced, we're not sure what does.

When many people think of twins, they usually think of yin and yang. Good and evil. Angel and devil. Therefore, it's a natural assumption that every person with the twin sign has these two sides to them. Although that is a Gemini misconception that simply isn't true, pop culture loves to play off this good twin/bad twin dynamic, and Lifetime is no exception. Are you a Gemini who wants to feel a little vindication regarding the misjudgment of your sign? Here are the Lifetime movies you should watch.

The Evil Twin is the Lifetime movie for all Geminis, but not for the reason you think

Sorry if the title of this movie made you roll your eyes, Gemini. We promise the point isn't to perpetuate your sign's two-faced stereotype! While "The Evil Twin" does depict good and evil twins (hence the name of the film), it also portrays that hopeless feeling you may get when others perceive you as something you're not.

In the film, Emily finds out later in life that she has a twin named Charlotte — and this twin is pretty horrible (per Lifetime Uncorked). Not only is Charlotte sleeping with a married man in town, but she also starts to become jealous of her kind and beautiful twin sister Emily and eventually pretends to be her. Some people in town (including Emily's new lover) start to believe Charlotte is Emily, which leaves Emily feeling hopeless and desperate for people to believe that she isn't the horrible person others claim her to be. Does this sound familiar?

Geminis should watch this Lifetime movie to feel seen, validated, and accepted. After all, it is a major misconception that the celestial twins have two-faced characteristics of good and evil living inside them (per Astrology Answers). We won't spoil the ending, but we're positive you may feel a bit of vindication once the credits roll.

Another Lifetime movie Geminis should add to their watch list

"You're really cool for a Gemini" is a quote many people born between May 21 and June 20 often hear. For the Geminis who have a friend or two who say that, the Lifetime movie "Sinfidelity" is for you! It's about a married woman named Angela who accuses her husband of cheating on her, so she does what any emotionally mature person would do: She sleeps with someone else. However, it turns out that Angela misjudged her husband, and this new guy she's hooking up with is pretty creepy.

Geminis who watch this movie are bound to relate to the misjudged husband, who was only acting sneaky because he was planning a romantic surprise for his wife. Eventually, the truth comes out, which is also super satisfying for Gemini watchers, as a significant component of their sign is the desire to know the truth in every situation (via Astrotalk). Also, Geminis thrive off drama, and this movie is bound to provide a healthy dose of that!