5 Must-Stop Destinations For Book Lovers In New York City

New York City is much more than just the city that never sleeps — it's a place where people with a variety of interests can go and find like-minded people. It's also the place to visit to find some of the best spots for your hobbies. Because there are likely others with the same interests — and so many people in the city — NYC will always have a place for you. If you are a book-lover, you'll find more than enough places for you to visit to fulfill all of your book needs on your trip to the Big Apple. According to the New York Public Library system, the city has 88 public libraries and four research centers. 

Whether you are just stopping by or looking for a new spot, NYC has all the destinations for book lovers. It doesn't matter if you love non-fiction books or spooky stories, there is a place for you in New York. And the best part is that even if you aren't setting out to read a book, there are plenty of places where you can share your love for books.

New York Public Library

Whether you're a book-lover or not, the New York Public Library has to be on your list of places to visit. Specifically, the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on Fifth Avenue is a beautiful spot to take in the beauty of the architecture and a plethora of books. The Rose Main Reading Room in the building is famous for its high ceilings, towers of books, and majestic ceiling art. The perfect place to sit down and read as many books as you can, this building is a no-brainer to add to your list.

Strand Bookstore

Even if you purchase a magnet, Strand Bookstore is one place where all readers should go. The last survivor of New York's "Book Row," The Strand has gained fame from its miles-long collection of books. Apart from being one of the largest independent bookstores, The Strand houses books you have heard of and those you haven't. With around 2.5 million books, The Strand will entertain you for hours, even if you are only looking for one book. Besides its book collection, The Strand hosts events with famous writers, playwrights, and others connected to the literary world.

The Morgan Library and Museum

If you've ever wanted to feel like Belle from "Beauty and The Beast," The Morgan Library & Museum will immediately transport you to that place. The Morgan is a unique library as it comes from the private collection of Pierpont Morgan. This collection began when Morgan gathered drawings, manuscripts, and books in early 1890. With books going from floor to ceiling, The Morgan has the uniqueness of a museum but retains its cozy library feel. Complete with unique architecture, The Morgan is perfect for those looking to see rare books you can only find here.

Oscar Wilde

Not all of the book destinations require the presence of books. The Oscar Wilde bar in New York is the place to be if you want to celebrate the life and legacy of the famous playwright. First built in 1909 and later used as the Prohibition Enforcement Headquarters in 1919, this building in itself is part of history. With New York's longest bar in place, Oscar Wilde is the ideal spot to chat about the famous works of art of the late playwright. Another unique detail you will find here is 26 antique clocks that are all set to the time of Oscar Wilde's death. From the food and drinks named after his works of art to the Renaissance decorations, Oscar Wilde is a must-visit place.

Literary Walk

We all know Central Park is at the top of the places to visit when in New York City, however, there's one specific area that book lovers will enjoy. Literary Walk is at the Southern section of the Mall, which contains various sculptures of famous writers throughout history. From William Shakespeare to Sir Walter Scott, this stretch of the walk is filled with writers and poets you adore. Even if you are cruising by, Literary Walk is the ideal place to learn more about some of history's most famous writers.