The Most Unique Hotels You Can Find In Munich

There are more than enough reasons to visit Germany. From art to architecture, there are a variety of museums and charming streets to explore. According to the Munich Travel Board, overnight stays in Germany were up 17.5% in July 2022 compared to the previous year. This statistic signifies that Germany's tourism is almost back to pre-lockdown levels. Part of why Germany's tourism is flourishing again is due to the reopening of many beloved events. One of the most infamous events in Germany is undoubtedly Oktoberfest. This festival takes place in the city of Munich and welcomes visitors from all around Europe and the world.

Besides being known for the beer festival, Munich is one of the most popular cities in Germany due to its size — it's the third largest city in the country, according to Britannica. With its unique history and scenic landscapes, Munich has plenty to share with travel lovers. After viewing everything the city has to offer, Munich's hotels are the perfect place to land after a long day. From five-star luxury stays to smaller, quaint hotels, Munich has a spot to rest your head no matter what atmosphere you're looking for.

NYX Hotel Munich

While Europe as a whole is known for its historical art and architecture, one hotel in Munich embraces the young and modern. NYX Hotel Munich mixes everything contemporary, fun, and unique and puts it under one roof. The hotel is impossible to miss from the outside since it's covered by a colorful mural that stands out from the nearby classic European architecture. From retro games to an in-house theatre, the NYX Hotel ensures the fun never stops. Adding in international cuisine and a variety of art from local street artists, the NYX Hotel is perfect for travelers who want to experience the extraordinary art life of Munich.

25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian

There's no getting closer to the city center than the 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian. Only a few feet from the Munich Central Station, this hotel is perfect if you want to be in the middle of all the action. Not only is the hotel in the ideal location to take in the nearby history, but it is part of history itself. The building, where the hotel stands, used to act as a postal service and the royal telegraph station. Apart from its exciting history, the hotel provides guests access to bikes, where they can take in the sights just like the locals.

The Charles Hotel

Just because you are in the middle of the city, it doesn't mean you can't take in the beauty of nature. The Charles Hotel is known for its stunning interior and the gorgeous views of the old botanical gardens. Besides its exterior and location, The Charles Hotel is equipped with everything you need for a relaxing stay. Despite the cold weather Germany is known for, you can still take a dip inside the hotel's indoor pool. Every part of this five-star luxury hotel is straight out of a fairytale.

Cocoon Hauptbahnhof

If you've ever wanted to vacation inside a relaxing, rustic cabin with all the modern luxury in the city, then you need to visit Cocoon Hauptbahnhof. Not only is its rustic interior the perfect way to end the day of sightseeing, but it makes you feel like you are still in the midst of the action. One of the most unique aspects of the hotel lies in its rooms, which contain a lighted photo of the mountains, and bathrooms modeled after the Munich train station. With a tasteful lodge feel, the Cocoon Hauptbahnhof is one of the most unique spots you can find to stay in Munich.

Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Hotel Bayerischer Hof is the perfect place to stay if you want that quintessential German charm. Having opened its doors in 1841, the hotel has been through various phases, marrying historic charm with contemporary elements. Equipped with its indoor pool and cinema, Hotel Bayerischer Hof has modernized with the times to become an award-winning hotel on numerous lists as one of the best in the world. With many major sights within walking distance, it's the perfect base for your Munich travels. However, with all the amenities and shopping available inside the hotel, there's no need to leave the hotel if you need a break from exploring.