How To Recreate Miley Cyrus' Midnight Sky Smoky Eye

Celebrities are often looked to for makeup inspiration, and Grammy-nominated megastar Miley Cyrus is no exception. Known for her bold and fearless fashion statements on and off the red carpet (did somebody say mullet?), Cyrus definitely has done a complete 180 since her "Hannah Montana" days. This is especially true when it comes to the eye-catching makeup look she serves in the music video for her boss girl anthem "Midnight Sky."

Complete with sparkly vibrant purple eyeshadow, a bold red lip, and of course, a blonde mullet, Cyrus' look is nothing short of, well, Cyrus. The makeup look inspired countless fans and influencers to recreate it, which even prompted the "Bangerz" singer herself to shout them out on her Instagram Story (via Allure). Want in on the action? Pull out that makeup bag and keep reading to learn how you can recreate Miley Cyrus' "Midnight Sky" smoky eye. It's not as hard as it looks, we promise.

Hope you're not afraid of purple eyeshadow!

The focal point of Miley Cyrus' "Midnight Sky" smoky eye is, you guessed it, the glittery purple eyeshadow. Anybody can pull this off, but according to L'Oréal Paris, it looks especially gorgeous on green-eyed beauties. British beauty influencer Sophie Floyd posted a recreation of the look on YouTube, and the purple shadow makes her green eyes look unreal. For this look, she uses the Beauty Bay Book of Magic eyeshadow pallet. However, any purple shadow will do, as long as they range in hues of light to dark.

First, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply a light purple shade on the lid, slightly higher than the crease. Blend it high and wing it out gently past the eyebrow. Darken it with a deeper purple shade, blending it in the crease and lid with the same fluffy brush. With this dark shade, it's important to tap off any excess product, use light pressure, and be meticulous with the application. It can get messy fast if you're not careful. For additional dimension, use a flat, angled brush and apply that dark purple shade to the outer corner of the lash line.

To complete the look, apply the same dark purple shadow to the bottom of the eye, only going in about halfway from the outer edge toward the center. Dab some purple glitter on the top of the lid, coat those lashes, and pop on a pair of wispy falsies for extra length and fullness.

How to recreate the rest of the look

While her purple smoky eye is the star of the show, Miley Cyrus' look wouldn't be complete without the red lips and punk rock mullet hairdo. To finish the makeup look, do your base makeup how you usually would, keeping Cyrus' natural and dewy glow in mind. Beauty creator Sophie Floyd doesn't hold back on the luminosity in her tutorial, coating her cheeks and nose with a shimmery blush pigment.

For the lips, a shiny red pout is definitely in order. "It's a statement in itself, really," Floyd says in the video. To create the bold pout, line the lips with a red liner first, and then go in with a red lipstick to smooth everything out. Floyd uses a matte liquid lipstick in her tutorial, but any red lipstick will work. All that's left is to pop on a blonde mullet wig! Don't have one? No problem. Do what Floyd did and take a regular blonde wig and cut it into Cyrus' signature style. Or, rock the natural hair on your head, as this makeup look is bound to garner attention, mullet or not.