Here's How To Get A Dewy Glow Even When Your Skin Is Dry

A soft glow with the perfect highlight sounds amazing when you're planning your look for a night out. But, having the ideal palette to apply your makeup can make or break your dewy look. Of course, a heavy-duty moisturizer can help, but there are a few tips and tricks that can leave you with glowing skin that readily absorbs your glossy products.

Start by slowing down on your exfoliation routine. The underlayers of skin are extremely sensitive, Mindbodygreen reports, and when you load products on top of them, it can leave your cells looking red and irritated. Plus, removing the top layer of your skin can make way for a lack of moisture. Instead, support your skin with heavy-hitting hydration sources like hyaluronic acid, colloidal oat and ceramides, the outlet suggests. It's wise to start your preparation routine the night before with your go-to moisturizers as well as products that contain oil. Marie Claire recommends applying a facial oil the night before along with a face mask that helps seal in moisture.

While you're working through your prep routine, make sure to moisturize the skin around your eyes. The outlet suggests applying your eye cream the night before or even adding your lotion to this area if it's safe for this sensitive skin. The next day, you'll have brightened eyes that compliment your dewy glow.

Don't forget your primer

Before you apply your makeup, make a routine of your product application. Rather than your standard cleanse and moisturize, Marie Claire recommends making a facial out of it. "Take a few extra minutes to actually massage the products into the skin," makeup artist, Alana Wright, tells the outlet. "If you simply slather them on, they're probably just sitting on the surface and not absorbing into the skin, making them ineffective."

Use a serum to provide a layer of moisture at your base, then try a primer that moisturizes and protects. The outlet suggests avoiding mattifying products during this step unless you have oily skin. Furthermore, powder should never go anywhere near your face when you're aiming for dewy and have dry skin. "Powder will cling to any dry areas and enhance them," Alexandra Compton, product development manager at Credo, tells Mindbodygreen. Stick to cream-based makeup across the board here, including your concealer, blush and bronzer.

Try mixing your makeup with a facial oil to keep things sleek while moisturizing your cells and gently patting to apply it. The outlet explains that rubbing can exacerbate dry areas and reveal flaking skin that disrupts your glow.

The softer the better — especially when it comes to your product routine!