These Lipsticks Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

The desire to have white teeth has existed among humans for many centuries. According to The Seattle Times, the practice of teeth whitening originated 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. At that time, having white teeth was considered a sign of beauty and wealth, so people used to apply a concoction of white vinegar and ground pumice stone to achieve the desired results. Since then, people across the globe have adopted various methods to whiten their teeth.

Advancements in the field of dentistry enabled people to achieve pearly white teeth through several procedures, but due to their cost, many people are unable to afford them. So instead, they opt for home remedies, such as oil pulling, using baking soda, or applying hydrogen peroxide to their teeth (via Healthline) to whiten them.

Per Statista, a 2020 survey related to the usage of tooth whiteners in the United States found that 37 million Americans used such products. However, while people employ a lot of effort to whiten their teeth through dental treatments or home remedies, there is another way to make your teeth appear whiter within a matter of minutes: wearing the right shade of lipstick!

Wear dark reds

According to Super Savvy Me, wearing a racy red color can make your teeth look whiter instantly. However, it's important to choose the right shade of red in order to achieve your goal. Therefore, if your red lipstick has a blue-based shade, it will make your teeth appear brighter.

Per Red Apple Lipstick, a blue-based red lipstick has a blue hue base color. Simply put, this shade of red has a cool undertone. Blue-based lipsticks not only make your teeth appear whiter, but they also make your complexion look brighter if you have a lighter skin tone. If you are looking for blue-based red lipsticks, you can opt for shades such as raspberry, maroon, carmine, or barn red (via Art In Context).

On the other hand, if you choose orange or yellow tones of red, your teeth will not appear whiter because yellow and orange tones "bring out the same tones in your teeth" (Via Super Savvy Me). Therefore, avoid colors like scarlet and tomato.

Opt for cool-toned pinks

As explained by L'Oréal, your teeth will appear whiter if you choose to wear cool-toned pink shades of lipstick, especially during the daytime. However, just like reds, avoid going for pinks that have warm undertones because they will enhance the yellowness of the teeth. Aside from whitening your teeth, bright and bold shades of pink will also look great on those with olive skin tones (via Super Savvy Me).

As pointed out by Inside Out Style, pinks with yellow undertones include coral, peach, or blush. On the other hand, cool-toned pinks include hot pink, magenta, and those falling in the baby pink spectrum.

If you're looking for cooler shades of pink to make your teeth look brighter, you can choose lipsticks such as L'Oréal's satin lipstick in Miss Magenta, Revlon's Primrose, Elizabeth Arden's Magenta Bubbly, Strawberry Froze by Bite Beauty, and MAC's Dressed To Thrill and Lickable (via Temptalia). Similarly, avoid lipsticks like MAC's Gotta Dash and Vegas Volt, Peach Fuzz by L'Oréal, Clinique's Poppy Pop, and Carina's Star by Charlotte Tilbury, as all of them are warm-toned pinks.

Try a violet shade

Another color that can make your teeth appear whiter without you having to spend any money on cosmetic procedures is violet. As L'Oréal points out, choosing this shade could instantly enhance the pearliness of your teeth because wearing a cool-toned purple will mute the yellow hues in them.

Opting for violets will not only brighten up your smile but will also look great on those with olive skin tones. As explained by makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci, "Their warmth helps to cancel out the shallowness of olive skin and will brighten the complexion of the medium tones" (via Makeup).

If you are looking for the perfect shade of violets, there are many shades available, both in matte and creamy textures. You can try L'Oréal's Matte Lipstick in Matte-Gic shade, MAC's Heroine, Revlon's Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Vigorous Violet, and Maybelline's Vibrant Violet, among others.

Consider choosing nude shades

As explained by Red Apple Lipstick, women tend to love nude lip color because this shade is not only classy but it is universally flattering because it goes with all skin tones. Moreover, it can be easily worn during the daytime as well as for a night out — there are no limitations. What's more, they can also come in handy if you want to boost the whiteness of your teeth and allow you to flash your beautiful smile.

Aside from brightening your smile, a nude shade of lipstick can be a great option to plump up thinner lips (via Super Savvy Me). However, all nudes will not make your teeth appear whiter because some of them have warm undertones. Per L'Oréal, "in order to boost the brightness of your pearly whites, steer clear of shades of nude with warm undertones that can cause your teeth to appear more yellow and try nudes with a pinkish or pale hue."

Lipstick shades to avoid

If you want your teeth to appear whiter, there are certain lip colors that you should ideally avoid wearing. According to L'Oréal, aside from color, the texture of the lipstick can also have an effect on the whiteness of your teeth. "Be wary of lipsticks with lots of shimmer, especially ones with silver reflects. They can make your teeth look dingy. On the other hand, one of our favorite finishes for a bright smile is a slight gloss," the website says.

Too much shine can have the opposite effect on your teeth by settling around the fine lines of your mouth. Similarly, shades of brown will bring out a yellow tinge in your teeth, so avoid using them if you want your teeth to look whiter (via Super Savvy Me). The website further explains that in order to achieve a pearly white smile, steer clear of bright neon-colored lipsticks. This is because just like these lipsticks would make your skin look tanner; they will also look have the same effect on your teeth.